How OCESA Used 1 Tradable Bits Campaign to Increase their Fan Database by 5%

How Tradable Bits helped OCESA reach and capture 122K new fans

The Promoter

OCESA is the largest live event promoter in Mexico and organizes some of the hottest music festivals in the world. With festivals like EDC Mexico, Corona Capital and Coca-Cola Flow Fest, OCESA is at the heart of live music in Mexico. 

We sat down with Paulina Rodriguez, Data Specialist at OCESA to get the scoop behind their massive success with lead capture around EDC Mexico's festival announcement.

How OCESA used 1 Tradable Bits Campaign to increase their fan database by 5%
With Tradable Bits OCESA increased the number of new fans in their database by over 100K
OCESA ran 2 phases of campaign: a video upload phase and a grassroots voting phase
Only 10 days after announce, OCESA is setting foundation for the next 10 years
for $0 in ad spend, OCESA increased their database by 5%, had a top 10 social post performance & 4.5K fans who entered because of direct invites from friends


The Challenge

The OCESA data team was looking for a new way to build anticipation around EDC’s 10th anniversary while earning more data about EDC fans to scale growth for the next 10 years.

The Plan

OCESA’s marketing team took advantage of Tradable Bits’ catalog of 40+ digital engagements to transform a marketing campaign from only a social impression play into a data capture opportunity. They decided on a Tradable Bits Video Contest. Then they turned the contest around in just 1 week. 

To pay homage to their superfans from the last 9 years of EDC in Mexico, OCESA decided to run a contest that only true fans could benefit from  - a 10 years, 10 winners video contest. 

10 years, 10 winners:

A simple video contest with a lot of layers. This contest gave fans who had been at every previous EDC festival in Mexico the chance to win high-value tickets to EDC 2024 in exchange for video proof of their previous attendance. 

Since part of their marketing goal was to reach new fans, their team added a layer to the contest - a public voting round to build virality. This meant that any fan could vote, and only the most voted-for videos would win. With such a big prize on the line, this prompted loyal fans to share the contest internally within their networks (amplification within micro-communities).

Timeline of the Campaign:

The build, launch and announcement of contest winners all happened in the 10 days after EDC Mexico 2024 was announced.

The Results

With Tradable Bits, OCESA was able to increase the number of EDC fans in their database by 122K, leading to a 5% increase in their database of addressable fans. All entirely new fans. This data capture unlocks tremendous growth opportunities to track, engage and cross-sell from a centralized database (and more fans to pull through their marketing > sales pipeline). 

In addition, the contest performed exceptionally well across EDC Mexico’s social channels with no additional promotion (organic), ranking within the Top 10 posts for that period. All this is to show that you can marry social strategy with your data and lead capture strategy.

how they did it (2)-2

Opportunities Unlocked for Future Festivals:

As said by OCESA Data Specialist, Paulina Rodriquez, “To have this data is really important. It’s hard for us to know who the real fan of the festival is today because you know - we’ve had 10 years of it, so our fan from year 1 has grown up.” 

With this new fan data flowing into their database, OCESA is opening more doors towards segmentation, customer mapping, and building targeted customer journeys to increase conversions. They are also able to draw connections through the fans in their database with Tradable Bits’ share link redemptions, gaining more insights about influential fans. 

“Having this data helps us know our fans better, and we can activate new information about the people who have an interest in the festival with fresh, innovative digital campaigns.  This is important because we are reaching and recruiting people that we didn’t previously have in our database, with different campaign strategies for all events in our portfolio. “

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