3 Ways to Use: Tradable Bit's Lineup Predictor

Staying on top of all your day-to-day tasks and trying to keep the creativity flowing is tough. That’s why, at the request of many of you, we’re trying something new. In the coming weeks, we’ll be diving into the best examples of how to use one campaign in multiple ways.

Today, you’re getting a crash course in one of our favourite out-of-the-box campaigns for sports - the lineup campaign. It’s short. It’s quick. We hope you feel inspired and empowered to create after reading it. 

Quick Tips:

  • Use out-of-the-box campaigns to turn around creative ideas, faster.  Our ready-made campaigns are a great jumping-off point, but get the most out of them by infusing some of your team culture into the campaign.
  • Just because it’s the offseason, doesn’t mean you missed your shot! In fact, preparing yourself in the off-season with lead-gen, awareness and engagement opportunities will help you start off your season ahead of the game.
  • Lean into the hype. Wherever you feel the pulse, have a campaign & idea ready to drive more signups and opt-ins for your team.

01. Player of the Year

  • This is your MVP, your Leigh Matthews Trophy, your Hart Memorial Trophy or … you get the point. Whether it’s big or small, involve your fans in the celebration by having them choose their best guess of the awardee.
Collingwood FC
  • Every year, the Collingwood Football Club awards the player deemed “best and fairest” with the E.W. Copeland Trophy. In 2022, the club decided to let fans share in the history and excitement of the award by predicting their top 5 front-runners for the trophy.
  • What they did well: They extended the life of this high-engagement moment in their season by padding up their marketing mix with an easy-to-execute digital campaign.

Slide 16_9 - 1

Richmond FC - Jack Dyer Medal
  • Richmond FC also took a similar approach, asking fans to select their top 5 choices for the Jack Dyer Trophy!
  • What they did well: A $500 voucher for the team store incentivized fan engagement with minimal impact on the bottom line. 

Slide 16_9 - 6

Vancouver Whitecaps - BMO Player of the Year
  • The Whitecaps took a slightly different approach, narrowing the choices down to 4 contenders, asking fans for just one top pick. 
  • What they did well: Sprinkled in a promotion for the awards ceremony and a way for their fans to watch 

Slide 16_9 - 8

02. Man of the Match

  • This is a fan favourite. We expect to see Player of the Match/Man of the Match announced - it’s part of a well-established journey. Why not make that experience more active than passive? Before a match, let your fans predict who will lead in the field.
Broncos Player of the Match
  • The Brisbane Broncos kept fans engaged during the season with a reoccurring Mcdonald's branded “man of the match.” The above example shows one such campaign, where the Broncos encouraged fans to vote on who would be the best player in an upcoming match against the Rabbitohs.
  • What they did well: create and execute a digital sponsorship fulfilment asset. As a recurring digital engagement, Man of the Match is a great campaign to present to sponsors.
Slide 16_9 - 2
Perth Wildcats - MVP
  • The Perth Wildcats also put together a similar campaign with some stunning design and great sponsorship tie-in.
  • What they did well:  Prize incentive encouraged engagement while simultaneously tying into their main sponsorship. 

Slide 16_9 - 7

03. Which jersey/shoe/outfit is best? 
  • While we default to players, the lineup predictor doesn’t always have to be ‘team’ focused. A lineup can be anything really. Get your fans to choose their favourite meal from an F&B commercial partner, choose their favourite limited edition jersey/guernsey, or in this case - choose their favourite kicks.

Shoe Voting
  • Aside from the sport, what do you think when you hear “NBA”? Drip. As a fun take, these campaigns used lineup predictors to ask fans to pick their favourite kicks. Not only is this a great way to keep things light and interesting, but campaigns like these are naturally fun to share and amplify across socials & other channels.
  • What they did really well: The branding is as fun and light as the campaign itself. And, while fans are choosing their favourites, the team is collecting some affinity data that could potentially be leveraged by their commercial sponsor down the line.

Slide 16_9 - 3

Trailblazers 70’s lineup 
  • To celebrate the team’s 50th anniversary, the Portland Trail Blazers asked their fans to put together their dream team from the 1970’s. The campaign was designed to promote their upcoming 70’s night, offering fans a chance to win two tickets to the game. 
  • What they did well: offered a fun way for fans to get involved and learn a little bit about the team’s history, or reminisce on days gone by

Slide 16_9 - 4

Predict the Pick - Arizona Cardinals 
  • With the offseason coming to a close, the Arizona Cardinals wanted to get the hype-train rolling. They set up this predictor campaign that allowed fans to take a stab at who they thought the Cardinals might pick in the 2022 draft. 
  • What they did well: A well timed campaign that gets fans engaged before the first kickoff, while offering great fan insights. 

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You can ask fans a million different ways to “choose one from a lineup.” Some other thought starters include:

  • Choose their “in-arena” essentials
  • Pick their favourite era for their team
  • Run a series of humourous “most likely to’s”

We hope these examples inspire your next fan engagement campaign, no matter where you are in the season. We'll be diving deeper into other great campaigns in weeks to come, so stay tuned

And a huge shoutout to all of our partners who continue to push their campaigns and fan experiences to the next level.




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