20K Waitlist Entries in 1 Week: How Corona Capital is Earning First-Party Data

OCESA sees 20K waitlist entries in 1 week through Tradable Bits

Corona Capital Promoter - OCESA - has partnered with Tradable Bits to increase fans,  rejuvenate festival audiences and use data to build for the future.  

With the rapid implementation of digital dynamics, we were able to know and identify the number of people interested in attending a Sold Out Festival in a couple of days. The scope and impact that we can see with this  Tradable Bits campaign is extraordinary"
The Festival

Corona Capital is a major international music festival taking place in Mexico City that takes over the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. The three days of music festivities bring high-profile artists to Mexico.

The Promoter

OCESA is the largest live event promoter in Mexico and organizes some of the hottest music festivals in the world. With festivals like Corona Capital and Coca-Cola Flow Fest, OCESA is at the heart of live music in Mexico. 

The Challenge

A plateauing fanbase. 

Even though OCESA is selling out festival after festival, they understood that a large percentage of their audience before covid tended to be “aging out.” Recognising the historic level of demand, the challenge was not to sell out this year, but to take advantage of that hype and do something with it.

They needed a way to experiment that would require few resources and a quick turn-around. They landed on using Tradable Bits to prospect, collect, organize and process the data of tens of thousands of fans - quickly and in one location. 

We worked with TBits a few years ago. At that time, TBits helped us grow our database and gave us the possibility to better understand our fans.   Today, with a solid relationship and a greater understanding of the platform, we are seeing immediate incremental results.   We’re motivated to continue exploring the capabilities of the platform to achieve our goals of growing & deepening our knowledge of our fanbase - all to create better experiences and entertainment products that meet the needs of our concert and festival attendees."

How Tradable Bits Helped

Focused Lead Generation

In partnership with Tradable Bits, OCESA narrowed their focus on the festival Corona Capital,  to uncover high-intent leads. To do this, they decided on building a “Waitlist” campaign, where fans could opt-in to receive relevant information about the sold-out festival and future ticket drops. Within three days, tens of thousands of fans used the form to sign up and opt-in to future ad-hoc communication - with no signs of slowing down.

The best parts?

1. The waitlist was organic: OCESA took advantage of the extreme demand shown through On-Sale by launching the waitlist one week after tickets sold out. They pushed the waitlist out across all of their owned channels, including the opening screen on the festival’s website. If the conventional cost of every new lead captured with traditional advertising was $1 for the festival (which is an extremely low estimate), OCESA would have saved $22,000 from a well-timed, targeted organic campaign. 

2. The waitlist focused on the best fans for the festival: The waitlist, which included a multitude of strategic questions, was only appealing to leads interested in the event, who wanted to know more. The sample of leads that this waitlist resulted in is extremely valuable. 


Data Enrichment for the Future

Beyond acting as a waitlist & source of information for fans, the campaign built with Tradable Bits performed as a survey, where OCESA could glean key-qualifying information and benchmarking data for the future. Knowing that the demand would lead to a higher tolerance for filling out a questionnaire, OCESA dug into questions that would help inform their future festival strategy. Every answer was then automatically sorted and stored within Tradable Bits’ FanCRM, giving OCESA an actionable database to analyze & use down the line. 

3 Functions, 1 Tool:

Instead of relying on three different tools - one to build out a waitlist campaign, one to create a survey, and one to ingest the data from the survey - OCESA was able to build in-house using Tradable Bits. Not only was every process automatically connected, but there were no barriers for the marketing team when it came to analyzing the data collected. And, if their team wishes to build another campaign, it isn’t a one-off. They could build another survey tomorrow, at no extra cost.

To learn more about some of the data tactics they used, scroll to the “Key Learnings About Asking Future-Focused Questions” section at the end of this article. 


"We love the variety of functionalities that the platform has, and how easy it is to use. Additionally, the attention and support provided by the Tradable Bits team has been a key element in the alliance with OCESA."

Big Results

One organic waitlist = over 20,000 entries.

Of these entries, 62% were fans entirely new to OCESA’s database, and 37% had never gone to the festival before. And these entries weren’t made up of just anyone - they were made up of high-intent leads who have expressed interest in purchasing tickets to a sold-out show.

Thousands of fans opting in to direct communication

The festival was able to grow its mailing list with a whopping 93% of fans opting in to receive marketing communications (both SMS and email). 

Informative Statistics for Benchmarking & Future Targeting

OCESA can reap the benefits of all their data captured to understand strategy today and to sell out Corona Capital in 2023, 2024 and beyond. They tracked several informative stats, including age, region, affinity and frequency of attendance to the festival to learn more about their fans, and to benchmark successes year over year. 

how they did it  (3)

The OCESA playbook on asking future-focused questions

One thing OCESA hit out of the park was gathering data that they can analyze and store for the future - data that is straight from the mouth of their fans. Here’s a quick summary of strategic questions to ask.

  1. How many times have you gone to “X” event: Use this question to understand the behaviour of that event/product. If your festival has been running for 10 years, how many are loyal customers? How many are entirely new? What is the average frequency of attendance (a benchmark) for your festival? 

  2. Age: Depending on your festival/event, it’s key to keep an eye on new demand and their age bracket. Younger fans have a longer lifetime value ahead of them for your brand if you’re able to convert them.

  3. Region: For future advertising & promotion, keeping track of locations to target is helpful - especially if you have an understanding of breakdown. 

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