March Marketing Madness - 8 Digital Campaign Ideas

8 Digital Campaign Ideas for March

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, now is the perfect time to feed into the excitement of attending more outdoor events and travelling for Spring Break! Whether your fans are on a staycation or vacation, engage them with these interactive campaign ideas for March.

March 8th: International Women's Day

International Women’s Day recognizes the achievements of women and raises awareness about gender equality. It’s a great time to recognize the steps that your brand has taken to foster inclusivity and it’s important to remain authentic in your messaging, to leave fans feeling empowered and united.

Campaign Bundle

An engagement hub centered around equality and women's issues - whether you're promoting community-based programs for young female athletes, or supporting a particular charity, a campaign bundle allows multiple routes for raising awareness and showing support. This campaign type is a great way to make a genuine impact, as seen below by the Perth Wildcats supporting a breast cancer charity. 

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Custom Playlist 

From Spice Girls to Ice Spice, a custom playlist for International Women's Day is the perfect way to recognize the talents of female artists throughout the decades. Custom playlists make it easy for fans to celebrate this occasion, and adding in pre-set songs allows your label to start segmenting your fans by artist.

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Saint Patrick's Day: March 17th 

This Irish celebration has evolved into a phenomenon celebrated globally, easily recognized by shamrocks, leprechauns, and of course, the colour green; among many other iconic adopted symbols. Create memorable campaigns that fans look forward to each year, and become a tradition like the Shamrock Shake! 

Photo Frame Contest

Saint Patrick's Day is the perfect photo opportunity, so pair it with a customizable branded or un-branded photo frame! Photo frames allow fans to showcase their memories creatively and allow brands to collect user-generated content, as approved photos will appear right on the Tradable Bits app.

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Slot Machine

Gather all of your four-leaf clovers for a lucky slot machine prize win! Make each entrant feel like they’ve found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by giving each player a prize. Or, drive retention and garner hype by allowing fans to re-spin once a day leading up to Saint Patrick’s Day. 

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March Madness: March 17th - April 8th

Create a slam-dunk digital campaign for March Madness by capturing the excitement of fans through competitive and gamified campaigns! With the intensity of March Madness, score big with your target audience by creating campaigns that let them show off how much they know about this NCAA single-elimination tournament.


Give your fans an easy-to-use platform to make their March Madness bracket, while collecting first-party fan data. Brackets encourage fans to check in on their predictions to earn different prizes. Enhance the experience for fans by updating the bracket after each game!

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Memory Match 

Whether or not your team is winning, ease the tensions of March Madness and score some easy points with a memory match game. Step into the digital court and enjoy this game with no previous basketball knowledge required. 

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March 31st: Easter 

Easter is the time to engage fans of all ages, and create lasting memories that bring the joy of Easter! Make your campaigns as vibrant as a basket full of easter eggs with these ideas, and capture the memories by posting user-generated content. 

Scavenger Hunt

Hop into the Easter festivities with a classic egg hunt, virtually or around your city! Give fans clues (a.k.a. easter eggs) on social media or in person, and reward fans with different prizes at each location. Bring your community together with this campaign, and make it a tradition!

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Spread the magic of Easter by giving away an experience that brings the whole family together and creates lasting memories. For example, with a ‘Spot the Ball Behind the Easter Egg’ trivia campaign that gives the chance to win a ticket prize package! This campaign is easy to enter so it won’t disrupt your celebrations, and can be utilized to fulfill sponsorship commitments while also collecting fan data. 

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Overall, digital campaigns offer creative and engaging ways for your fanbase to connect with your brand and with other fans. Gather in-depth fan data by adding additional entry forms, create opportunities for user-generated content, and strengthen fan relationships by making these campaigns a tradition for fans! 

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