How the Fremantle Dockers used Tradable Bits to Find, Target & Capture New Qualified Leads.

The Team: 

Established in 1994, the Fremantle Football Club is a professional club competing in the Australian Football League. Nicknamed the ‘Freo Dockers,’ the Club proudly fields a men’s team at Opus Stadium in Perth, and a women’s team at Fremantle Oval. 

The Challenge: 

During their pre-season, the Fremantle Dockers were faced with an all too common dilemma; they wanted to put on a promotion to reach fans who weren’t in their database without alienating those who were. Their team needed to find a way to capture high-quality leads to build their pipeline and drive memberships, without spending resources prospecting their existing audience.

How Tradable Bits Helped  

How they did it

Extracting New Leads with a Highly Targeted, Highly Efficient Campaign 

Freo used Tradable Bits’ Engagement and Advertising platforms to create a strategic giveaway that would only be marketed to new fans. To do so, they built out an “exclusion audience” within Tradable Bits, which would remove any Fremantle Member already existing in their database from their targeted social advertising.  

From there, they used the Tradable Bits Engagement platform to build a compelling “profiling giveaway” that their target audience was served. The incentive of the giveaway (5 signed jumpers) was a low-cost way to increase the view to click-through rate of the campaign, driving up entries. 

Freo’s use of a sweepstakes in place of traditional pre-season advertising allowed the team to not only build awareness, but to get data about verified leads for direct communication.  

Keeping it Simple.

Tradable Bits’ campaigns are built to gather zero-party data from entrants. Freo parsed out what information they’d need to easily identify marketing-qualified-leads, then they asked those questions as a final component before fans could “enter to win.”  

Email, phone, birthdate and whether each fan was interested in a membership (and if so what type) was collected and centralized for the Memberships team.

By using an experience rather than just an advertisement, Freo benefitted from leads that willingly shared key information with the team, and potential members were treated to a delightful opportunity. 

Big Results 

The results

Opt-in Rate for Direct Communication: With the right audience, anything is possible, including a near-perfect opt-in rate. Coming in at 98%, the simple yet mighty entry form performed extraordinarily well providing Freo with a new, highly responsive audience that they can directly reach out to with future engagements.

Finding New Fans: With a large and robust database comes the challenge of continuing to find new and responsive leads. By keeping things fresh with an experimental way to reach new audiences, Freo engaged fans that they weren’t already reaching. The result was that 85% of entries were new fans!!

Qualified Membership Leads: Of the thousands of entries to their campaign, 68% were identified as Qualified Membership Leads.


“What started as a small data campaign idea quickly developed into a really smart approach to maximizing our data collection. The campaign was a great experience for us, and we hope that it’s just the start of something a bigger and better going forward”

— Caleb Proven (Digital Media Coordinator, Fremantle Dockers)

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