How Destroy All Lines Is Approaching Organic Growth

The Promoter

Starting from modest beginnings, Destroy All Lines (DAL) has become one of Australia’s largest and most trusted independent promoters. With its expansion in 2019, the DAL team has gone on to promote hundreds of tours with a wide range of artists including Deftones, All Time Low, Tony Hadley (Ex Spandau Ballet), A Day To Remember, Pennywise, and One OK Rock.

The Challenge

With organic reach becoming increasingly difficult, the DAL team have been exploring new campaign types to foster their online community and uncover previously hidden fan data.

The Strategy

As one of Australia’s largest independent promoters, the DAL team values making an impactful presence that resonates with their audience in the organic space. For this reason, their 2023 Good Things Festival Promotions leveraged two Tradable Bits campaigns to gather valuable fan data for ad retargeting while also nurturing their online presence.

Here is what their Organic Social Community Manager, Troy, has to say about their two main goals:

1. Create an Online Community-Focused Promotional Cycle

“Music fans seek authenticity and a true connection with brands, not just superficial resonance. While ads are part of our business, we prioritize fun campaigns and competitions to engage the audience genuinely and inclusively.”

By using platforms with a variety of engagement campaign templates, the DAL team has the option to rotate between them as needed. This approach keeps their marketing fresh while building a stronger online community.

2. Uncover Hidden Ticket Buyers

In 2022, Good Things Festival Partners identified the need to gather data on their anonymous ticket buyers to the DAL team—those who e-transfer money to a friend to purchase tickets in bulk. They emphasized that the data on these fans aren’t captured in the system, meaning that some of the ad dollars have been targeted towards those who’ve already purchased tickets. 

How did the DAL team help?

They launched a weekly campaign designed to encourage fans to disclose who they purchased tickets for. By collecting this data, the DAL team could focus their marketing efforts on those fans who hadn’t yet purchased tickets - optimizing marketing while also saving on ad spend.

The “All Things Rock Star" Campaign Design

Built within only 2 weeks, the campaign was composed of 2 parts leading up to a grand prize.



Slot Machine

The initial slot machine was a place for fans to get their names entered into two prize pools - one for the grand prize, and one for a weekly prize pool of 7 to 10 prizes.

Entry Form

The second connected campaign was one for fans who wanted additional entries for a better chance to win. This second campaign was targeted only at those hidden ticket buyers and primary purchasers - encouraging them to spill the beans on who they purchased for in exchange for bonus entries into the final prize draw.

The Winning Campaign

DAL blog post


The DAL team was able to achieve their initial objectives and more!

  • Sustained Engagement: Kept fans engaged during the middle period of promotions.
  • Cost Savings: Saved on ad spending by identifying and excluding hidden ticket buyers.
  • Improve Ticket Sales: Boosted ticket sales through targeted ads.
  • Fostered their Online Community: Fans could return daily to play and increase their odds, enhancing their connection with the festival.
  • Repromotion and Buzz: The contest ran for 6 weeks, driving significant engagement and buzz around the festival.

The campaign was awarded the Best Engagement Campaign in Music at this year’s Fan Marketing Awards and became the most successful competition that DAL has ever run!

The Conclusion

By focusing on the online fan experience and uncovering hidden ticket buyers, the DAL team optimized their organic marketing efforts and saved on ad spend, increasing sustained ticket sales months before the festival. This kind of data strategy will only continue to grow in size and sophistication, allowing them to target more effectively. 

Interested in bringing your next campaign to life? Get in touch with our team today!



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