Tradable Bits on the Street: Voodoo Music + Arts Experience

As the 2018 festival season wraps up, we're reflecting on all the awesome events we helped promote this year. From social ads to wow-worthy interactive video towers, we had a blast supporting dozens of events. Voodoo Music + Arts Experience marked the last event of the 2018 season, but our team is already collaborating with our partners on an even better 2019!

In the weeks and months leading up to Voodoo, our user experience and development team were designed and built an always-popular video tower for the festival. The unique themed nature of the festival meant the design process needed a heavy emphasis on all things Halloween.

The Final Product

1. Interactive fun mirror with AR affects where fans could see themselves on the big screen (and snap their own photos). Behind the scenes staff sent personalized messages to fans looking at the screen. Music festival tower by Tradable Bits

2. Animated line-up schedule for fans to plan which artists they want to see, that also helped festival managers announce last-minute adjustments in real-time. Music festival tower by Tradable Bits

3. Fully-moderated social Stream where managers showcased the best posts on the tower, inspiring fans to post about their own experience on social media. Music festival tower by Tradable Bits

4. Moving 3D map of the festival grounds that helped fans navigate the event. Stages showcased who was currently playing or up next in real-time. Music festival tower by Tradable Bits

We were fortunate to have Tony, one of our UX designers, make the cross-continental flight to New Orleans to attend Voodoo. Having worked directly in the tower's design phase, he talks about his experience both as a fan and having been a part of the behind-the-scenes team.

Tony Berkman, Tradable Bits

A Conversation with UX Designer, Tony

What was the design process like when creating the video tower?

Tony: The design process was more difficult than usual because we wanted to create a fresh new look with the same branding assets from the previous year. I had to be innovative and find new ways to showcase the same brand.

What was it like experiencing Voodoo as a fan?

Tony: It was a very different experience compared to the many European festivals I've attended previously. I'm used to seeing just DJs performing, so it was a nice change to have artists and bands.

What were some costumes that stood out?

There were some who were part of the Voodoo entertainment crew that looked really scary. They were walking around the mortuary area and looked like real zombies. Their make-up was on point and even had some fake black blood drooling from their mouth. A lot of people were running away from them!

How was your experience knowing all the hard work that went into the festival by our team?

It's funny to think that all the people walking around the festival must've seen the work our team put in. It makes you realize how much time and effort it takes to make sure all festivals run this smoothly.

What were your thoughts after seeing the tower you designed up and running?

It's good to see it in real life for a change. Seeing how the people around the tower interacted with it gave me new insights on how to make it even better for next year!

What was the best part of the festival?

My friend and I did some really scary (and good) make-up on our faces. A lot of people commented on it and wanted to take pictures with us! The festival overall felt like we had a true and real Halloween experience that you can only get at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience.

Who was your favourite artist at Voodoo?

My favourite artist was Claptone at the Le Plur Stage. He's a German DJ who always wears a mask and specializes in techno and house music. His set reminded me of the European dance festivals I've attended.

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