Top 10 Best Sports Activations of 2022

Feels like this year we all hit the fast lane, doesn’t it?

2022 has been another round of chaos, velocity, and technological jumps that keep us nimble and creative. Fan engagement continues to move forward in leaps and bounds, and delightfully, we’ve seen a return to servicing the one constant in all of our days: people. Our partners have once again raised the bar when it comes to authentic, targeted and meaningful engagement this year - all while delivering their own commercial partnership commitments.

All that said, below are some of our favourite digital engagements and partnership activations for the year. Feast your eyes, feed your minds and feel inspired.

10. Pittsburgh Penguins “Which Penguins Player are you Truly Like?”

Have you ever tried to be just like your idol? The Pittsburgh Penguins Personality quiz lets fans do just that, with diverse questions to probe hobbies, food interests and more. This personality quiz was a stellar opportunity for the team also, letting them tag fans by affinity (i.e. all fans interested in wine), while seamlessly integrating their sponsor by turning the campaign into this key question: Which Penguins player are you Truly like?

We love a solid personality quiz because it hits fans in just the right spot, meaning that they’re inclined to share their answer with other Penguins’ fans and encourage them to enter. And when they do, the team is able to store those friend connections.

9. Rugby Australia Match Predictor

As a “series” type game, this light hearted yet competitive guessing game got fans hyped for every upcoming match. Fans got to show their support for their team while playing their hand at predicting the future! This campaign is another example of some great creative assets from our Australian partners.

8. How Aussie are You? Live Campaign

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi! The big NBAxNBL crossover game has come and gone, and fans' spirits and patriotism was at an all time high - the perfect time to build off the competitive air. To do this, AusMade created a “How Aussie Are You?” fast-paced quiz to convert fan excitement into fan engagement, with easy access via QR codes throughout the stadium. The live activation reconnected fans during the breaks and introduced their sponsor seamlessly to countless fans.

7. Wisconsin Badgers - Pets in Net

What is a universal truth? There’s just something about pet photos. It’s a rabbit hole that’s hard to get out of. People love their pets, and take any chance to show them off - and the Wisconsin Badgers took advantage of this with a fun filter to take pet pics to the next level! Not only does it engage animal-loving fans, but this campaign generated the type of UGC that makes game-time all the more delightful. As a two-for-one, they were able to promote their season and then use the hype they generated to populate their Jumbotron during the game.

6. Richmond FC Shirt Giveaway

We love a hybrid activation, and we love Richmond FC’s spin on a classic in-arena shirt giveaway. With fans already in high spirits, the team gave all fans in the stands an option to play a scratch and win for the chance to win a Richmond T-shirt. To make it accessible, and keep the barrier to entry low, Richmond FC used a personalized QR code that fans could easily scan.

5. Washington Commanders - Guess the Home Openers

Sextus might have said “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” but he’s never met a Commanders’ fan. To get fans ready for the 2022 NFL season, the Commanders launched a “Guess the Home Opener” campaign, with the chance to win two tickets to the game. It’s an incredibly smart, targeted and timely campaign that they were able to add to their overall marketing flow without much lift at all. And, with a simple incentive on the line, fans who wanted to be at a game quickly entered, giving the Commanders more insight into who to reach out to in the coming season.

4. Perth Wildcats x Breast Cancer Care WA

Back for a second year is the Perth Wildcats Engagement hub to support Breast Cancer Care WA. Fans could select one of four ways to support or donate, bringing every single fan a way to contribute to the cause. Some of the initiatives included personalized messages and “pink photos” that were then shared at their games, or on fans’ socials - a great way to spread awareness and spur action. We absolutely love how this has become a Perth Wildcats staple. The activation is thoughtful, incredibly well designed, and fits seamlessly as one piece in their overall plan with Breast Cancer Care WA.

3. Columbus Blue Jackets Small Business of the Month Presented by First Merchant

Small businesses have struggled significantly since 2020, and only some are regaining their footing. CBJ decided to give back to their community with a simple entry form campaign, wherein small business owners could enter to have their company advertised at the next game. The campaign was not only a kind way to put small businesses back on the map, but CBJ integrated their sponsor seamlessly - letting them partake in the cause.

2. San Antonio Spurs - IG Manu Ginobili Tribute

At this point a TikTok and IG classic, the “Which x are you” filter hits every time. The San Antonio Spurs paid tribute to their retired player Manu Ginobili by creating an AR filter that asked the question: What Manu Moment are you? As a simple swipe up from the gram, the interactive filter was accessible to all fans and easily sharable on their personal socials - letting that organic growth shine.

1. Melbourne United Multicultural Round

Put your fans on the big screen! Melbourne United decided to celebrate their fans’ diversity with a contest that encouraged fans to upload photos celebrating their cultural heritage. Fans were quick to enter for the chance to be shown on the Jumbotron at their multicultural round, making the game all the more magical. The campaign saw a rush of entries, fans were welcomed in and Melbourne United saw a flood of new subscribers to their email and SMS on top of the game-day experience they were able to provide.

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