Survey Campaign, 3 Unique Ways

Survey Campaign, 3 Unique Ways

Welcome to instalment 2 of our series, “1 Campaign, 3 Unique Ways.” This week’s inspiration? How to level up Tradable Bits’ Survey Campaign. We’ll be looking at three different ways our partners have used the Survey Campaign to help you get inspired for your next engagement. Even though we're looking at three examples, remember, the possibilities are endless. Let’s get started!


Sponsor/Club/Event Feedback

Your classic survey. Use the campaign as it was intended, and check in with fans using a variety of targeted questions.
You can tag fans based on their answers, introduce specific follow-up questions and design a multi-page experience (if you’d like).
Some interesting ways we’ve seen a classic survey executed include:

  • Post-event surveys for special game nights.
  • Surveys targeted at fans for your commercial partnerships.
  • Surveys for community initiatives to follow up with participants, and
  • More!

The West Coast Eagles - Partnership Feedback

The West Coast Eagles of the AFL are whizzes when it comes to collecting feedback. They launched a survey on the back of a networking event intended to connect the team to the larger business community. Using the Tradable Bits Survey, they reached out to a specific subset of business folks, tailored 7 intentional questions, and garnered feedback to shape the future of their relationships with these businesses.

That’s what we call impact.


Match Predictors

Use Survey as a more flexible form of trivia, where you can include open-ended Qs, images and more. It’s an easy template to share out week-over-week in front of highly-anticipated match ups.

Rugby Australia’s Pre-Game Predictors

If you’re looking for a powerful pre-game activation, look no further than Rugby Australia’s Match Predictors. Quick and easy to enter, their take on the Tradable Bits’ Survey roused fans to action in anticipation of each match. With an easy sponsorship tie-in, the match predictor is an all-rounder.

Consider posting it on your socials leading up to the game and on the big screen while the team’s warming up with an easy to access QR code. These week-over-week activations are also a great way to see who’s in the stands, and who’s a stay-at-home fan.


Vote for your favourite Moment

There’s nothing that quite wraps up a season like replaying the best moments of your team. Use Survey as a way to get fans re-counting your team’s best with targeted questions.

Melbourne Demons’ “Daisy’s Defining Moments”

The Melbourne Demons put together a delightful fan survey to honour their captain - Daisy Pearce. Their survey campaign opens with an electrifying highlight reel and is followed by one simple question: “What’s Daisy’s defining moment?”

It’s an intentional way to humanize Melbourne FC’s athletes, and to invite fans deeper into the team culture. It’s also a great way to recycle content from other parts of your marketing stack.



Fan-feedback looks good.
We hope these examples inspire you to flex your creativity when using our Survey Campaign.

And a huge shoutout to all of our partners who continue to push their campaigns and fan experiences to the next level. For some more inspiration, you can sign up for our newsletter , or if you’d like a head start on campaign ideation with us, get in contact with our team!


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