Love Bytes: 8 Digital Campaign Ideas to Capture Fan’s Hearts (and data) this Valentine's Day

Eight Digital Campaign Ideas for February

February. The shortest month of the year, but chock full of delightful moments to engage with your audience. Read on for a dash of inspiration on how to engage your fans around Chinese New Year, the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, and of course - Valentine’s Day.


February 10th: Chinese New Year 

2024 is the year of the wood dragon. Wood represents creativity and vitality, while the dragon represents success, intelligence, and honour. These traits along with the red and gold colour palette for this holiday can all be incorporated into a Chinese New Year marketing campaign. 

Traditions like red envelopes, lantern festivals, dragon dances, and time spent with family make Chinese New Year an excellent time to test out campaigns themed around “making memories”. From simple call-outs like AR filters to live-streamed celebrations, show your fans you’re all in.

Instant Win: 

Lean into tradition. Around this time last year, the Mavs launched their annual “red envelope” campaign to coincide with Chinese New Year. Simple but effective, this instant win symbolizes good wishes and luck for the year ahead from the Mavs to their fans - and it fits snuggly into the holiday spirit. 9-Jan-22-2024-04-46-29-2329-PM

Spin To Win: 

A Spin to Win campaign is another great way to get fans involved with the gift-giving aspect of Chinese New Year. 

Some quick tips when it comes to designing your campaign for this holiday:

  1. Consider lucky numbers and colours. For example, the red and gold used in most Chinese New Year celebrations are used to spread the message of good fortune and prosperity for everyone in the coming year. 
  2. An easy win is to lean into the very lucky number 8, and create a spinning wheel with 8 separate prizes.
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Feb 11th: the Big Game

Each year, the competition for consumers' attention on Super Bowl Sunday increases. However, the game itself is only the most important part of the big day to 42% of viewers, with the advertisements and the halftime show making up the remaining percentages, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved beyond the game!

Campaigns can involve recalling previous iconic moments, memes from the past or engaging with trending . Staying up-to-date with updates on the big game and using trending hashtags in social posts can help increase engagement beyond your usual audience. 

Tug of War:

Win your audience over with a classic (and low-stakes) coin toss bet - tug of war campaign! Tug of war campaigns work for anything from a favourite  commercial to who’s the MVP. These campaigns pair perfectly with a sponsorship prize or discount to those who win the coin toss.

Add a subheading


Fans are always looking for bragging rights about how well they know their favourite team. Heighten the competition and test their knowledge with a game of Super Bowl Trivia! This gamification allows you to collect valuable fan data with custom fields while providing fans with a fun game simultaneously.



Feb 13th: Mardi Gras

Traditionally, Mardi Gras celebrates enjoying rich foods the day before the start of Lent, but has evolved into a week-long celebration in many places! The celebration includes vibrant float parades and wearing gold, green, and purple beads, making it the perfect opportunity for interactive campaigns that leverage photo opportunities and contribute to the festive energy! 

Personalized Playlist: 

Close your eyes and picture Mardi Gras - its colour and music. Mardi Gras music is typically jazz, blues, and brass band music. Engage your audience by offering fans a curated Mardi Gras playlist with classic songs, and mix in some of your label's songs as well, to collect powerful affinity data.


AR Filter: 

As the grand floats and parades of Mardi Gras aren’t held in many places globally, bring the festivities to those celebrating at home with an AR filter or branded photo frame! Collect user-generated content and engage your fans simultaneously. 

11 copy


Feb 14th: Valentines Day 

This Valentine’s Day, show your fans the love by sending them rewards! Valentine’s Day presents great opportunities for engagement, as the meaning of Valentine’s Day has evolved to celebrate self-love, family love, and friend love. With recent Valentine’s Day trends such as #GalentinesDay, there’s so much potential to capture a large variety of audiences. 

Photo Frame:

This year, there’s no better way to hard launch your significant other than with a decorated photo frame. Choose the frame, add stickers, and your photo is ready for social media! Photo frames are the perfect way to incorporate sponsorships and give back to fans, as seen by the Blue Jackets below with their Valentine's Day jewelry giveaway.

17 copy 

Scavenger Hunt:

Take a romantic walk around your city with a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt! Give fans clues and easter eggs for where to find each prize, and build brand recognition by setting your locations to popular places around town. This campaign is surely memorable, and can also help foster brand communities in your region as fellow hunters begin to team up!

16 copy

Overall, digital campaigns are a great way to engage with your fanbase by garnering excitement for various events and holidays, while collecting fan data simultaneously. As fans gather and create memories in February, there’s no better time to collect user-generated content from fans!  

Feeling inspired? Brainstorm what’s possible with our team today!

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