How The Milwaukee Bucks Engaged 8.5K Fans For 34K Minutes in Their App

The Partner

The Milwaukee Bucks. Two-time NBA Champions, the most recent in 2021, and the current home to NBA Superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. Averaging over 17.5K attendees per game, they have a large  and loyal fanbase.

The team uses Tradable Bits to run gamified engagement campaigns for their fans and to seamlessly direct participants to their marketing service, Marketo, in real-time through our platform's integrated endpoints.

The Challenge

The Bucks aimed to engage their fans and build hype for the 2023/24 season.
The goal was to drive ticket sales and create a strategy to reactivate fans once the season kicked off. 

How Tradable Bits Helped

Hoop Heroes-2

The Bucks used Tradable Bits’ Arcade platform to launch Hoop Heroes - a custom-branded mini-game. Fans competed for the highest score to win two tickets to the season’s opening game. They included Hoop Heroes with their preseason package and housed it inside their official mobile app. The game was paired with a marketing campaign, pushing it across all of their social channels, and via email, and SMS.



Hoop Heroes was a massive hit. It garnered 15k+ unique views and from that, over 8.5K fans entered to participate and spent an average of 4 minutes playing the game.That’s over 34,000 minutes spent in-app using a single Tradable Bits Arcade game. 

Beyond the numbers, hear what Matt Ship, VP of Digital Platforms and Innovation at the Milwaukee Bucks had to say about the campaign:


Using Tradable Bits, the Milwaukee Bucks built a robust digital engagement campaign in just minutes. They significantly cut down build time and expanded their in-app offerings for their fans. On top of all that is the first-party data they collected, which was invaluable in planning for the upcoming season.

Get in touch with our team today for solutions to engage your fans throughout the season and offseason! 

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Happy Fan Marketing!

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