How The NBL Generated 10K+ Entries With a Once In a Lifetime Prize

Partner Description

The National Basketball League is the premier men’s professional basketball league in New Zealand and Australia. Consisting of 10 teams, the league garners millions of views from live attendance, streaming platforms, and cable TV. 

The Challenge

Having recently partnered with us, the NBL aimed to build its fan database on our platform. They were looking for an efficient solution to get the engine running. 

How Tradable Bits Helped

The NBL carried out campaigns around a once-in-a-lifetime prize for entering: a signed jersey from Scottie Pippen. These campaigns were developed and distributed straight from our platform using 1 of our 40+ templates. The NBL opted for an Entry Form campaign which ensured low entry barriers for their fans and maximized conversion. 


The unique prize persuaded fans to flood the campaign doors. This resulted in over 10,000 entries, 15,000 views, and 97% new fan data collection. This is a great example of how an excellent prize can help achieve a desired outcome much more easily. 

Turn fan data into revenue today.


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