What are Facebook Canvas Ads? (Spoiler Alert: They're Amazing)

If you haven't heard of Facebook's new Canvas Ad Format yet - prepare to be amazed.

Since late last year, whispers of a new groundbreaking ad format that allows users to experience, watch and buy product all within the Facebook app have been floating around marketing forums. If you're an athletic fashionista who uses Facebook on an iPhone, you may have even stumbled across one on your News Feed.

Yes, in case you thought Facebook was finished with conquering the world... they're after Amazon's ecommerce corner of the virtual market. Gatorade, Mr Porter, Michael Kors and Carrefour all received exclusive access to the new mind-blowing advertising medium - and it's coming to your Business Manager soon.

Wake up Anti-Mobile Advertisaurus... It's 2016

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Why does mobile matter for marketers? Unless you're somehow still reading this on a bedazzled flip phone... the answer's already in your hands.

If you're in charge of making money for your company and you're not thinking about mobile, wake up! 2012 was "The Year of Mobile Advertising". It's now 2016, and if you don't get with the program you're going extinct.

Even if you're making beautifully designed, well written mobile ads on Facebook - your work is worthless if you're dropping your potential customers onto a brutally slow, mobile massacre of a landing page. But don't worry - Facebook's here to help you stop wasting your time and money on frustrating your mobile customers.

What are Facebook Canvas Ads?

Facebook Canvas Ads Photo credit: Facebook

On the surface, Facebook Canvas ads look like any other mobile ad you see while scrolling through your News Feed. But according to Marketing Land, the game changes as soon as you tap on one of these little marketing gold mines.

You're instantly exposed to a completely immersive, full screen mobile experience where users can flip, scroll, click and even tilt their way through 360 videos, interactive albums and other engaging brand content. It's like if Flipboard and a video-packed website had a very beautiful business-boosting baby.

If this seems a little familiar - you're right. Canvas ads use the same technology as Instant Articles - but because they're used for selling product and not for reporting on Kim Kardashian's latest selfie scandal, expect far more compelling, visual experiences than your standard text-and-header-image news article.

Why are Facebook Canvas Ads Amazing?

Lazy writers throw around the word amazing - but we mean this in the literal sense. You will be amazed by the new Canvas ad format. Why?

  • They load 10x faster than any external landing page ever could
  • They're 100% mobile optimized for full screen on every device
  • They're interactive and immersive (360 video, animation, touch navigation)
  • They're absolutely beautiful. See for yourself in Marketing Land's video

Want to get your hands on these puppies? It's easier than you think...

How to Apply to Access Canvas Ads:

Given the success of this new ad format, we're certain it will roll out to everyone very soon. But if you're anxious to get marketing with these shiny, new Canvas ads... we have the solution for you!

Getting Canvas ads is as simple as filling out this beta request form on Facebook.

If you'd like help getting your amazing ads out to the right audience, contact us and we'll show you how to get 9x more return on ad investment.

TL;DR: Facebook made a new ad format called Canvas. It's slaying all other mobile ads, ever. You should apply to use them.


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