Ready, Set, Incentivize with Square

Ready, Set, Incentivize with Square

We’re launching a new product with Square, to bring better insights to on-site transactions for festivals and sponsorship teams.

TL;DR - a summary of what you need to know:

  • We’ve launched a new campaign that makes it easier for you to gather data for your sponsors doing brand activations at your event.
  • This campaign offers a direct integration with Square, so you can build, offer, and track back a sponsor “promotion” to specific merchant accounts.
  • It’s an easy addition to existing workflows to make your sponsorship offering more strategic.

Every season there’s a familiar rush for folks working in Live Events: find sponsors, tier sponsors, activate sponsors, and keep sponsors. With this rush comes highly anticipated onsite brand activations - Absolut land at Coachella, Tinder’s Festival Mode or Pizza Pizza’s “We win you win”. Creativity is high, cash is flowing and logisticians are red-hot with work. And year after year, the ante for sponsors just keeps getting “upped.”

To contend with the chaos, we thought about what we could do with data that would give sponsorship teams an additional piece of ammunition. Something more low-key than driving press from influencers, but with foundational impact. We’re starting with a new campaign called “Incentivize with Square.”

One Digital Campaign to Delight Sponsors:

If you’re using Square as a POS system at your event, Incentivize with Square is a simple addition to your partnership package that is high impact - low effort.

What’s the delight? One-to-one fan data.

This is how it works: you’re already running an onsite brand activation with a sponsor, let’s call them sponsor X. Their plan was to give out free tees to fans who entered and participated in one of their activations. Good vibes. Good brand association. But no data.

With Incentivize with Square, all it takes is a positioning shift. You “gate” their desired activation with a nice title - “the speakeasy corner.” To enter, fans have to complete the campaign. They scan a QR code, and fill out their details for “entrance + a complimentary exclusive tee.” Then they get a QR code that the fulfillment team can scan to let them in and give them a tee. You still have good vibes, good brand association, but now you have more. You have:

  • Verified a one-to-one relationship between this fan and your sponsor. This includes opt-in potential, and details to reach the fan directly or through advertising post-event.
  • The ability to manage inventory better through Square when it comes to “how many tees” were given. You also get a direct connection between these fans’ profiles in Tradable Bits and their profile within Square.
  • Benchmarking capabilities, depending on the questions you ask within the campaign. Want to know how many fans have visited your sponsors’ previous activations at previous festivals? You can ask.

And this is just one example of how you can execute Incentivize with Square. The direct integration means that you can set up promotional coupons for your Square store in just a couple clicks, which are sharable across any of your mediums (social, website, app, email etc).

Stay creative with how you physically activate your sponsors. Then, give them just a touch more using Incentivize with Square to gather relevant data.

Incentivize with Square Capabilities:

  • Turn-Key Build: No manual code entry. No clunky connections. Integration with your Square account is out of the box.
  • First & Zero Party Data Collection: Collect information about your fans including name, email, phone number, or custom queries like “How many times have you been at festival X”
  • Opt-in for SMS & Email: Easy collection of GDPR Compliant Opt-ins.
  • Integration & Compatibility: Connect any Square merchant account to apply promotions to products in their store - natively in Tradable Bits
  • Dynamic Tracking: Track redemptions, entries, views and more.
  • Audience Building: Build an audience of fans who have participated in the campaign to retarget or communicate with just a few clicks.
  • Flexible Deliverability: Share the campaign across social, email or SMS with a custom-branded URL, embed directly into your website or app, or spread the word with a scannable QR code.

To learn more about Incentivize with Square and how it could work for you, check out Incentivize with Square: Turning on-site Purchases into insights.

Or, if you’d rather speak to our team for more details, get in touch here.


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