Tradable Bits integrates with Hootsuite to reveal more about your social reach

We've just launched a new app in the Hootsuite App Directory, that helps you find social media gold in the flood of user-generated content.

If you already use Hootsuite to manage your social media, you’re in for a treat. If you don’t already use Hootsuite, you can get in on this powerful app by signing up for free now.

The Tradable Bits app for Hootsuite helps you understand and leverage your fans’ engagements on the Tradable Bits platform even more. How does it reveal more about your social reach? By amplifying your social media marketing basics: streamlining moderation, identifying your top influencers and helping you engage in real-time.

Streamline moderation

You need to know what people are saying about you. Hootsuite lets you monitor and respond to conversations from one centralized dashboard. Tradable Bits Stream helps you collect posts about your brand from every major social network so you can learn more about your audience and display relevant user-generated content on your website, app or TV screen. The Tradable Bits app for HootSuite consolidates moderation so you can moderate recent brand-related posts across all of your social media.

Identify top influencers

You need to know who is important to your business. Hootsuite’s customizable dashboard allows you to see who is talking about your brand and their influence. Tradable Bits Stream helps you identify exactly which fans are spreading awareness about your brand on social media. The Tradable Bits app for Hootsuite helps you find your top fans, follow them and acknowledge their support.

Engage in real-time

Timing is everything when it comes to social interaction.Hootsuite’s post scheduling functionality helps you engage with your audience continuously while you monitor conversations around your brand. Tradable Bits Social Apps help you learn more about your audience every time they interact with your business on social media. The Tradable Bits app for Hootsuite lets you track new participants in real-time so you can have targeted, meaningful conversations the moment fans connect.

Install the Tradable Bits app for Hootsuite now by logging in or signing up for Hootsuite.

For a sneak peek into the app, check out this video:


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