Monthly Marketing Inspiration: Engagement Ideas for October

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you know what time it is - pumpkin-spiced everything and hues of orange and yellow. That’s right, autumn’s knocking.
For a lot of people, fall’s brisk air signals fresh starts and new routines. As the weather takes a dip, our fans’ methods for entertainment shift slightly, and as October rolls around, you best believe that your fans will say “yes!’ to some great digital campaigns to cozy up to. Dig into the festive spirit that makes October an event in and of itself.

Canadian Thanksgiving:

You know what we’re thankful for? First-party data and interactive fan bases. Here in the Great White North, Thanksgiving comes a little earlier than it does for our southern neighbours which means you can get a jump on engaging your Canadian fans well ahead of the usual holiday season race. Give them something that they can get nostalgic about, and make your brand a holiday staple for them every year.

Digital Campaigns:

“My Auntie’s Greenbean Casserole is to die for”

It’s not Thanksgiving without our favourite fall dishes, so why not encourage fans to have their final say in which dish is “it”. A bracket campaign is a sure-fire way to tap into fan nostalgia while also striking up a little competition as everyone backs their favorite contender. Make it extra spicy by infusing a partner into your campaign, or tying it to one of your idols. Partynextdoor says that Thanksgiving isn’t complete without some mulled wine, but DVSN is here for the scalloped potatoes - who should reign supreme?

The holidays remind us of what we have and how we can help out others. This is a great time to get into the giving spirit and encourage fans to do the same by matching their donations. As always, fans care and are looking for genuine engagement and transparency from your brand so take the time to do this one right.

NHL Begins

We know it feels like the Stanley Cup was just lifted but it’s already that time again! The start of a pro season is a perfect recipe for great fan engagement because fans are buzzing, prospecting, and ready to see their team start strong.

Digital Campaigns:

Tap into the inevitable game-time energy with a live activation that inspires fans to keep an extra close eye on the game, while trying to win their own prize. This can also be a great thing to offer your fans to keep them entertained and enjoying their in-arena experience while going through some of the ups and downs of pandemic-era sporting events. Line moving a little slow because of distancing? Keep fans’ heads in the game and energy high with a fun activation that reminds them why they’re here!

The start of a new season has every fan prospecting on outcomes. This is the perfect time to let fans put their hunches to the test and climb up the leaderboard after every game. This is a match made in heaven for your brand and your betting partners and with an all-out fanbase like basketball fans willing to put it on the line, fans will be racing to place wagers this season. Don’t forget that with sports betting finally open in Canada, your market is bigger than ever!

NBA 2021-2022 regular season begins

Will Lebron get another ring? Will Brooklyn make it work? These are questions NBA fans are seeking out from day 1. Start with a bang, and set fans off on the right foot with campaigns that bring them back into the magic fold of sports season.

Digital Campaigns:

Image Trivia:
As a helmet-less sport, basketball fans take pride in recognizing NBA stars-but can they do it against the clock? If you’re looking for accessible, gamified activations, this is always a crowd pleaser especially when it becomes incentivized with the help of a sponsor- everybody wins.

Dream Team:
We’re still months away from everyone’s favourite basketball weekend-The NBA All-Star Game-but you can give fans a chance to see their dreams come true with this Dream Team campaign. With so many heavy hitters in the league right now, plus the regular season back on it’s regular schedule-fans will be all over this activation. It’s all about knowing your fans and creating activations that reflect what gets them pumped as a fan.


What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions October? Spooky season is pure fun and games whether your fans go all out or keep it lowkey. The silly nature of the holiday is a great chance for your brand to meet your fans where they are and help fuel the fun.

Digital Campaign:

Photo Contest:

Is there a better photo-opp than Halloween? Didn’t think so. Get personal and silly with your fans and invite them to show off their best costume pics for a chance to win!

Instant Win:

Think of this as the digital version of trick-or-treating. You get something just for showing up. It’s simple and undeniably appealing plus fans will always remember this sweet treat from your brand.

Scavenger Hunt:
For those that are doing the haunted house & Halloween festivities tour-add in your own stops that reward fans for checking in! Send fans on a mapped out “trick-or-treat” expedition but instead of candy corn, reward them with a coupon or digital card to collect. You get to know your fans better and how they spend their night and they get an incentivized, fun with friends experience!

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