Monthly Marketing Inspiration: Engagement Ideas for November

We’re edging closer and closer to the holiday season. But before we can go all the way, let’s take a look at what November has to offer. The month of November holds the promise of turkey-filled bellies, product deals, and the opportunity to show some social responsibility as we lead up to those beautiful Christmas lights and eggnog. Fans are usually buzzing this time of the year and you’ll definitely want to tap into that. Check out some of the digital activations we’ve set out for November below!

Movember (No Shave November)

It wouldn’t be November without embracing the fuzzies, to raise awareness and money for the fight against cancer! Tap into the movement and let your brand lead the charge by giving your fans the platform to support a great cause.

Digital Campaigns:

Meme Generator

This one is sure to make your fans chuckle and engage them all month long! What better way to get your fans going than to give them a chance to have a quick laugh at the expense of their best friend’s new soup strainer. But all jokes aside, this activation breeds UGC like no other, promotes your brand, gives fans a memorable experience, and collects first-party data along the way!

Photo Contest

Be the brand to showcase the sheer brilliance of beards, mustaches, stubble, and fans who support the cause by putting out a photo contest campaign. Use a branded photo frame, showcasing your partners, and give fans the ability to post their photos for a chance to win a prize. Personalized experiences such as this help build a sustainable engagement model for your brand.

Movember Digital Activation


Indian sweets and sparklers everywhere! The festival of lights can help your brand’s fan engagement get to new heights! Tap into your diverse fan base and provide them with personalized interactions that blend their needs with the joyous nature of the festival.

Digital Campaigns:


Celebrate this festival with a highly customizable and shareable e-Card that is based on your brand’s theme. A great way to tap into your diverse fan base, this campaign is a sure-fire way to spread a ton of positivity.

Diwali activation

AR Filter

Brighten up fans’ content feeds with a branded AR Filter that leverages the excitement around the festival. AR Filters are perfect fodder for virality and all that UGC is sure to drive brand awareness.

Photo Contest

Diwali symbolizes pretty candles, sparklers, and in some places, crazy fireworks. Give your fans a chance to showcase some of their favorite photos for a prize. Collect first-party data and incentivize your fans to engage with your brand during the holiday season.

Nascar Championships Weekend

Kyle Larson appears to be in the spotlight yet again, but that’s the thing about racing, it’s all pedal to the metal & comes down to the very last second! And fans are there for it all! Use branded activations to enhance your fans’ experience with racing.

Digital Campaigns:

Line up

With over 30 cars racing on the track, it’s only fair to say that fans would have an array of favorites to qualify for the championship and maybe even win. Give them a voice by letting them create their own line-up of who they would like to see on the track.

Nascar Digital Activation

Predict the Winner

Let fans show off their Nascar knowledge with a prediction campaign on who will walk away, (more like drift away) with the championship. Get deeper insights on who your fans support while also increasing brand awareness when they share their predictions across their socials!

Survivor Quiz

Competition can run high during these races, why not use that spirit to drive fans closer to your brand with a survivor quiz? Test your fans’ knowledge and pit them against each other to see who comes out on top. Not only do you collect first-party data from your fans, but you can incentivize fans to engage with your brand by giving out some exclusive prizes.

Veterans day

Fuel your fans’ passion and patriotism by activating on Veterans day. More importantly, pay homage to fallen heroes and give thanks to military veterans for their service.

Digital Campaigns:

Photo Frame Contest

Let fans share their appreciation for their veterans with a photo frame contest. Using branded stickers, fans can create the perfect pic, and shout out a beloved family member, friend, or community leader they want to give thanks to. Let the UGC river flow and loop in partnerships to come up with unique ways to give back to the veterans - for example, donating to a cause on behalf of the best photo frame so that fans feel fully engaged.

Veteran's Day Digital Activation

Instant Win

We always try to find win-win situations, and the Instant win does exactly that! Collaborate with sponsors to give away themed goodies to lift fans' patriotic spirits. Not only does this give your brand a seamless way to merge the physical and digital experience, but it’s also a great way to create value for your partners and fans alike.

Donate (Fundraisers)

Where would we be without our veterans and heroes? Use your brand as an outlet for fans to give back to veterans through a donate campaign. This is a great way to show advocacy towards an initiative or charity. Show genuine appreciation for the cause by matching their donations or aligning with partnerships that stand for the same community-driven initiatives.

American Thanksgiving

Now that we Canadians have had our fun, it’s time for our neighbors to show us what they’ve got! As nostalgic aromas and cherishable memories take over American households so can your brand! Use the holiday to show what your brand is thankful for and bring your fans along on the thanksgiving train.

Digital Campaigns:

Tug of War

Can you smell all the spices in the air? Every family has its own take on the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Why not tap into that and instill some competitive spirit into the holiday. Use the tug of war campaign to engage fans and see which thanksgiving dish takes the crown. This campaign is easy to use and provides great value by being able to collect actionable intel for your team or an integrated partner!

Thanksgiving Digital Activation

Yeah! We did it, we brought the donate campaign in back-to-back. Undeniably, the holiday requires us to “give thanks” and what better way than to give back to communities that cannot afford to have a thanksgiving meal. Show your fans that you care just as much as they do! Collaborate with food banks or other charitable organizations to boost your brand image as a community-driven and authentic organization.

Black Friday

Who doesn’t love discounted items? Or better yet free gifts! As many fans wait tirelessly in long lines to shop at their favorite stores. Engage your fans digitally using value-driven campaigns that blow their socks off!

Digital Campaigns:


Adding to the cart becomes that much easier when you see the “Up to 70% off” ad. Capture this energy to showcase your new swag or goodies ahead of time at a discounted price for your fans to pre-order. This campaign brings in sales revenue and makes it easier to sort through inventory ahead of the hectic holiday.


This campaign is an amazing opportunity to engage fans by giving them access to offers from your brand or your partners. This provides value to your fans by giving them discounts on your products and services. It also helps you collect actionable leads for your partners, and brings more awareness to their brand.

Spin to win

Bring some excitement to your fans’ screens with a spin-to-win campaign. Collaborate with your partners to present fans with a spiral of possibilities and prizes! This is a classic activation to get the crowd riled up and to collect valuable user data while you’re at it.

Black Friday Digital Campaign

Get in touch with our team team today to put these ideas into action!


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