Monthly Marketing Inspiration: Engagement Ideas for June

Can you believe it’s already June? Get ready for a big month with summer arriving and spring leagues finishing up. People are excited - we’re all excited - and there’s built-up anticipation for connection across the board. Traditionally a time for sporting events, festivals and general merriment, fans are eager to get out there - especially this year with some events allowing fans back into the venue. Capitalize on the natural social energy that June brings and give your fans some strategic moments of engagement.

We’ve created a list of digital campaign activations to create unique fan moments. Delight your fans with great memories and collect first-party data in the process.

Father’s Day

“Hey Dad, I’m hungry. Hi hungry, I’m Dad.”

Father’s day - the designated holiday to lean into corny dad jokes and to show some love to the father figures in your life. This holiday, encourage your fans to be the best dad superfans for the day. Whether you build campaigns that lean into sentimentality, or ones that are just great fun, give your fans the opportunity to show some love while building deeper connections to your brand. Plus, as they participate in your campaigns, you can get some great insight into generational interests.

Digital Campaign: Personalized Playlist

Fathers teach us many things. One thing most of us have learned from our Dads is “the right taste in music” or at the very least, the “what kinda music is this?”. Get in on the nostalgia factor with a personalized playlist curated for him. Maybe it's a full-on 70’s tribute, or maybe it’s a collection of all the songs that go great with a backyard BBQ. Either way, a personalized playlist is not only a fun little gift for the dads, but it’s also a great way for you to understand some “family-friendly” music affinity. Maybe you’ll uncover that what you thought was a classic is now “dad rock” for your fanbase - it’s a great way to retest the waters while building up your database.

Digital Campaign: Photo Contest

Let fans reminisce about memories with their dads through a Photo Contest where they share pics from their best fan moments together. Give fans an opportunity to get sentimental with your brand and make the engagement a family affair. Tie in an authentic partner to give fans the chance to share memories in exchange for the perfect prize for their dads. Not only is a photo contest a great way to get fans more emotionally involved in your brand, but you also get a mountain of content to share on your socials this Father’s Day and moving forward.

Tour de France

While we may not be able to travel to France, we can watch hundreds of cyclists whiz through the pristine French countryside, which is almost as good. The Tour de France is a great opportunity to test out “longer-term” engagement campaigns that are launched at different stages throughout the long event. Fans are more likely to check in on a daily basis for only a moment or two instead of focused attention for a 90-minute match so let’s make those brief moments fun for them and efficient for you.

Digital Campaign: Predict the Stage Leader

This historical event draws the attention of pure cyclists and novices alike because of its grandeur, and because it's an opportunity for fans to show their country pride. Have fans get into the competition with trivia or predictive quizzing campaigns where they can guess who/what team will take the lead at each stage! Fans can be further incentivized to participate using small or large prizes. In a major event like this where teams are battling it out, have fans continuously check-in by having a daily, or weekly predictive quizzing opportunity. And as always you can include some strategic questions to build out your first-party data on each fan.

Digital Campaign: Personality Quiz

Romance, Baguettes, Dream Destinations. France is a top destination country for travellers from around the world, so bring your fans closer to their dreams with a “which French city are you?” personality quiz. This is a fun one for the audience that is watching the Tour de France for everything but cycling. They are here for the excitement, the sense of community but mainly for the picturesque scenery! This event provides stunning footage of the lesser-known towns and countryside of France that leave the world dreaming of visiting one day. Plus, with the travel bug eating at many of us, a little daydreaming can take us a long way. This is a great way to give inspiration to your fans while also tapping into some strategic partnerships. If you partner with the travel industry in any way - hotels, airlines, resorts - you can report back with fantastic insights, while also incentivizing fans to sign up for communications or deals with your partners. Our bags are already packed!

UEFA Euro Cup

The sport that never sleeps! Soccer, or football if you’re a purist, has been a huge topic in the world of fan engagement recently after the controversial Super League debacle. The UK is opening up for outdoor sporting events which will allow fans to return for the final two matches of the Premier League but if those two matches just won’t scratch that itch, Euro 2020 is just around the corner. And, it’s the 60th anniversary of the tournament (well the 60th-anniversary do-over) which means that fans are burning with energy. Deeply devoted football fans are pumped and rearing for engagement, so let’s give it to them.

Digital Campaign: Instant Win

Capitalize on this exciting event by tapping into what fans really want, which is to see their team win. The only way this gets better is when the fans win too. It’s a win-win, literally. Get involved in the soccer frenzy by launching an Instant Win campaign. Every time their team wins big, so do they. Loop your partners in on the fun to give the fans prizes, or a great offer from your partners every time their team gets that satisfying W. This gets you and your partners out there, keeps the energy high, and it’s a campaign that fans can’t resist.

Image to show - Pizza Pizza and Raptors Coupon Campaign

Digital Campaign: Photo Contest

Leverage partnerships through a Photo Contest with awesome prizes where fans submit their best spectating outfit either at a newly opened UK stadium or in full face paint on their couch. Give die-hard fans a chance to represent their team, and get a ton of fun UGC content to share in the meantime. Football is a truly global sport, so bring your community together with this simple campaign.

Digital Campaign: Personality Quiz

Let fans flex their knowledge and devotion to their idols with a “which UEFA star player are you?” quiz. Bottom line, football fans bring a particularly unique energy to the table, so don’t let Euro 2020 slip by without engaging them! Make the quiz engaging but “telling” with a unique combination of questions to learn about their preferences, location, and purchasing habits. You can tap into your partnerships here and let fans tell you exactly what they like, which is a gold mine when it comes time to advertise new fan gear and merch.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

If it’s June, it means that the playoffs are here and fans are PUMPED up (as Canadians we might be biased on this front). As the playoffs continue, it’s a great time to swoop in with some engaging campaigns to keep the flames burning for fans.

Digital Campaign: Tug of War Rivalry Contest

The Stanley Cup comes with longstanding rivalries and cities vying to bring the trophy home. Hockey fans are serious, and everything is personal off and on the ice. This year, those rivalries are amplified due to the unique structure of the playoffs - that’s right - regional rivalries are enforced. Tap into this competitive spirit with a rivalry campaign that lets fans have a little contest of their own. Which team has the best fans? Only a Tug of War contest will tell.

Digital Campaign: Memory Game

With so much seriousness around us, it’s nice to throw in a little break from the action where fans can have some fun. Have them put their skills to the test with a Memory Game that opens the door for sponsor exposure and keeps fans engaged for the duration of the playoffs. Get sponsors on the cards that are displayed and have fans work their way up the leaderboard throughout the playoffs. Make it a weekly event to keep up with the pace of the games where winners take home an awesome prize. This keeps fans coming back to level up and gives you a chance to leverage some partnerships as well. Now their calendars are blocked off for the big game and for that round of memory game.


With this last year, Juneteenth is a day that many brands have on their radar, but in order to do justice to the history behind Juneteenth, it needs to be approached with authenticity & the resolve to do more than just jumping on the bandwagon. Your fans care. Offer your fans something with genuine, lasting impact and as always, be respectful and honour the significance of Emancipation Day. This is not the day to focus on selling but there is still a great opportunity to let your fans know that you are conscious, aware, and tuned in to matters that they care about.

Digital Campaign: Photo Campaign

There’s no better way to give voice to your audience than to let them speak and represent themselves. A photo contest is a great way to involve your community and inspire the next generation of fans with an opportunity to share their stories, aspirations and passions. Whether it’s a quick pic or a contest that ties to something greater (sharing passions for a chance to meet a mentor or win a scholarship), a photo contest is a great way to spotlight your fans.

Digital Campaign: Donate

Donate. It doesn’t have to be the quintessential “throw some money at it” campaign. And in fact, if it’s done correctly, it can have a real impact. The key with this campaign is doing your research and speaking to your community about the advocacy and social justice groups that matter to them. One of the biggest things to consider on a day like Juneteenth is that if your brand is going to speak, you also need to be prepared to act. A donate campaign allows you to act in accordance with the needs of your fans, and it’s also a great way to bring in a partner, to create a more sustained community initiative.

Use digital campaigns as a vessel to showcase your audience’s strength, triumph, and joy and let them tell you what this day means to them.

Feeling inspired? Brainstorm what’s possible with our team today!


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