Monthly Marketing Inspiration: Engagement Ideas for July

Canada Day/Fourth of July:

You can feel it in the streets. The heat. The wafting smells of a BBQ, laughter, and a late summer evening scattered with fireworks. These landmark days make it feel like summer. And, better yet Canada Day/ Fourth of July are widely celebrated across audiences because they dig into our sense of community. Join the celebration, but take a minute to think about which audience you’re speaking to. Whether you’re tapping into folks that are reflective about the holiday, or are vibing with the people here for a BBQ and a good time - have a look at these campaign ideas to check off all your boxes.

Digital Campaign: Vote

What’s your favourite Timbits flavour? Or the ultimate American beer? Our independence days are all about revelling in our national pride, but it’s also a time to reflect on the silly things that make us - us. So have some fun with a vote campaign, and let your fans speak! Maybe you get fans to vote on their favourite Canadian/American city to visit in the summer & supply your hospitality partners with insights about locations and travel prospects. Maybe you ask the fundamental question - spicy beans or pickles in your Caesar? Whether you stick to small probing questions, or build out a more intentional prospecting campaign with your partners, your fans are sure to share their input.

Digital Campaign: Personalized Playlist

When these days hit we all know - summer’s in full swing. Grills are fired up, the sun is out, and the energy is high. Keep that spirit going with a personalized playlist of BBQ tunes, summer anthems or iconic Canadian/ American artists.Uncover your fans’ affinity data while giving them a soundtrack that they can’t turn off for the rest of the summer. Plus, if you get it right, there is the added bonus of scoring some cool points with your audience.

National Hot Dog Day

Fire up that grill! Is there anything more nostalgic than a game day hot dog? We don’t think so. When you think of your favourite summer excursions - festivals, expo’s, tailgates, and just walking around town- hot dogs are always there. Fans and hotdogs in the summer are a perfect pairing, and with more in-person events returning this month, we are hard pressed to think of a better way to welcome fans back than to celebrate part of their quintessential fan experience! Tap into your tailgating audiences or just any ol’ hot dog fan and have some fun with this one!

Digital Campaign: Tug of War

It’s simple. It’s clean. It’s easy to template for an activation packed day.
Let fans throw down and decide their ultimate hot dog condiment once and for all. Ketchup or mustard? Sauerkraut or crunchy onions? Have a day of it, and run the competition once every few hours. Or alternatively, pair a “hotdog creation” with one of your idols - a Mookie Betts classic vs Mike Trout’s go-to. There are countless ways to reach your fans with this activation, and ample opportunity to integrate a partner, while asking specific, actionable questions.

Digital Campaign: Bracket

A bracket for hotdogs you say? We say yes - only the best hotdog combinations survive. Tap into regional rivalries, incentivising fans to stand behind Chicago style versus New York Style, while simultaneously collecting preferences and information about where a fan is from. Make it competitive (after all it’s a bracket) with a special prize going to those who voted for the ultimate hotdog winner, or if you’re partnered with a venue, make that information work for you. The champion dog of the day could become a fun limited time hotdog to welcome fans back to your stands! It’s a great way to test the tastes of your fans, while creating hype for their return.

National Ice Cream Day

We all want ice cream! Or however that song goes. There is something about a cone that just makes summer feel like well, summer! Take this opportunity to get creative and silly with your audience.

Digital Campaigns: Personality Quiz

Some of us are textbook vanilla while others are rocky road, but let fans take this fun quiz to be sure. This is a cool campaign for audiences to build a better rapport with your brand and take something they can share on their socials. Maybe you have some partnerships in the food industry here that you can loop in. Let fans know if they are more of a Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough or a Haagen Dazs strawberry. It’s light, it’s fun and is perfect for sharing on their socials? Who could resist?

Digital Campaign: Instant Win

Ice cream is a simple pleasure, so let’s keep the campaigns simple and sweet too. It doesn’t get much better for fans than an Instant Win. You get to loop in some partners for awesome prizes and fans sign up and share some info for a chance to win. Delicious!

Digital Campaign: Photo Frame Contest

Take advantage of this photo-centric holiday by encouraging your fans to pose a pic for you. Whether it’s as simple as showing off their favourite ice cream sundae toppings, or as extra as an event driven party - let fans tell you how they celebrate. Then, let them add all the goodies with branded stickers to top off the first big summer celebration. Throw in some incentive like, “best photo gets X” and you’re sure to have an influx of great UGC to share across your channels. This is also a great way to tap into partnerships for prizes of the contest!

NBA Finals/ NBA Draft (one week apart)

The sport that never sleeps! The NBA has given us so much entertainment and content lately and the big finale is just around the corner. NBA fans have their heart on the courts every night and the energy is going to stay high right through to the end of the playoffs. So let’s finish strong. With the finals and the draft just one week apart, there’s ample opportunity to engage with fans in different ways so let's get to it.

Digital Campaigns: Dream Team

Could there be a more natural campaign for the occasion? Fans have their idols and are always keen to list them. Give them an opportunity to see their ultimate team dreams come true, regardless of the playoff outcomes. This is a great way to segway from playoffs into draft by incorporating some popular draft picks in with already established league legends.

Digital Campaign: Predict the #1 Draft Pick/NBA Champion

Let fans flex their incoming class knowledge with a prediction campaign on who will be the top draft picks. Loop in some partners for awesome prizes to incentivize fans and sit back and relax as they share their results on their own socials. Same goes for the NBA Championships, fans are firm believers and will be eager to make their predictions. Getting to know your fans in personal ways like what teams they support and what players they follow is always a win.

Digital Campaign: Personality Quiz

More of a LeBron or Lillard? Let’s find out! This is a fun one for fans as they get to see if they are just like their idols or not. With fans like these, whatever the quiz outcome they are likely to share it on their socials, plus, you can add any questions you like to get to know your fans way better like what type of shoe would they hit the court in? Nike or Under Armour? We can see the seamless retail partnership already!

Ready to see these ideas in action with your brand? Brainstorm what’s possible with our team today!


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