Monthly Marketing Inspiration: Engagement Ideas for December

After the long-awaited wait, we’re finally here - It’s the holiday season! 2021 was the year of the unknown and 2022 holds the promise of a much more “normal” world. But before we can say goodbye to 2021, let’s take a look at what December has in store for us. With all the Christmas lights and jingle bells, fans’ energy and spirits are sure to be at their peak. Here are some digital campaigns we’ve picked out that will be sure to tap into this energy and take your fan engagement to the next level.

Wildlife Conservation Day

In the words of David Attenborough, young people - they care. Join forces with your fans to raise awareness about conservation projects, and engage in topics such as the human impact on endangered animal species. Create a platform for your fans to express themselves - they’re here for it.

Digital Campaigns:

Survivor Quiz- Test your knowledge on endangered species

People are passionate about the animals they love, especially when they’re at risk or endangered. Use that passion to drive engagement with a timed survivor quiz that tests your fans’ knowledge of endangered species. Not only does the campaign serve as a high-octane, timed event, but your brand can loop in partnered incentives such as a large contribution to an animal conservation group of their choice. You can also use this campaign as an opportunity to collect data on the types of issues your fans are passionate about as well.

Image Trivia- Guess the animal

Who doesn’t show off their knowledge of obscure facts to their friends and family? With this Image Trivia campaign, your brand can play into this desire to spit facts, and let fans show how well versed they are at “guessing the animal”. Use this campaign to educate your fans about conservation, and take this chance to provide resources to your fans to show commitment to the cause.


Yes! The Christmas lights and jingle bells are here to spread joy and hype up fans’ spirits. Your brand can be part of the cheer by tapping into the energy that comes with the nostalgic aroma of ginger snaps and Eggnog.

Digital Campaigns:

Personalized Playlist

It’s faint, but it’s always there - Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” is how we know the Christmas season is upon us. There’s just something so special about and belting out a Christmas ballad with your friends and family, and there’s no better way to spread cheer than through a curated Christmas playlist for your fans. Use the personalized playlist campaign to take your fans on a journey, from Christmas classics to contemporary artists, all while gaining insights into their music taste.

Personality Quiz- Which Classic Christmas song are you?

Staying with the music trend, charge your fans up with an electrifying “Which Classic Christmas song are you?” quiz. Let fans see if they match up with their favorite Christmas song or something they didn’t expect! This fun-filled activation is also a great way to ask specific questions about their taste and to gain insight into your fans’ motivations. Plus, you can generate some great UGC for your brand when fans share their results across social media! First-party data? Check. Brand awareness? Double-check.

Instant Win- Christmas Scratch Card

We can’t forget about all the gifts under the Christmas tree! Recreate that gift-giving tradition with a “Christmas Scratch Card” activation. Collaborate with partners to provide fans with Christmas-themed gifts with a simple click! Not only does this bring value to partners through brand awareness, but it also incentivizes a deeper sense of community between your brand and its fans, as you give back over the holidays.

Bundle- Holiday Countdown Giveaway

Is Christmas really Christmas if you don’t have an advent calendar to count down the days? Join in on the tradition by providing fans with an “engagement calendar” to surprise and delight them in the weeks leading up to the big day. Our partners at BCHydro did exactly that using the “Holiday Countdown Giveaway” bundle campaign, where fans were given a wide selection of activations to engage with each day of the month of December! Not only did this keep fans hyped all month long, but they also had the chance to win some valuable goodies. A Christmas bundle is a great way to highlight partners while collecting first-party data that prepares you for the new year.

Music Festivals December

Festivals in December? Yes that’s right, while summers represent the quintessential festival season, this year has been a bit of an odd one and festivals are still “rolling loud” in December. Use your brand as a driving force for building hype and fan engagement, whether you’re putting on the show yourself, or as part of the sponsorship crew. Not organizing your festival in December? Collect first-party data anyways, so you can strategize for the next festival season.

Digital Campaigns:

Holiday Artist eCard

We just love the kitschiness of a good holiday greeting card, and fans will surely love it too. Drive engagement with a holiday eCard featuring artists that fans can customize to keep, or send along to their loved ones. These eCards can showcase exclusive photos from your artists, and in turn aligns a community-driven image with your brand, as fans can see a more playful and authentic side of the musicians they love.

Entry Form- Win free tickets to the next festival!

We’re back with some classics. Using a simple entry form from time-to-time can get your brand the most bang for your buck, and is an easy way to incorporate partners or prizing into the mix. When music fests give fans an unforgettable experience, they look for any opportunity to get in on the action again. Use this value, and incentivize fans with a chance to win free tickets, in exchange for some specific first-party data.

Memory Game- Match the Musician

Speaking of kitschy, lean all the way in with a competitive, holiday season memory game! Whether it’s live at the festival, or a digital engagement across your channels, pit your fans against each other in a race to see who can “Match the Musicians'' from your festival lineup. This campaign is an easy way to loop in partners by creating branded cards, or coming up with a co-branded prize for the fan that wins!

New Year’s Eve

Before we say hello to 2022, let’s celebrate December one more time! As fans rally to start their new beginnings, have your brand engage those fans using value-driven, fun, and transformative digital campaigns.

Digital Campaigns:

Personality Quiz- Let us choose your new year’s resolution

You know what fans love? Personalized experiences. Get to know your fans, so you can offer them the types of personalization they love with a personality quiz! This is a fun one to get crafty with and offers you the chance to gain insights on who your fans really are with curated questions. Give back with a value-centric experience, such as picking a new year’s resolution for them!


New Year's Eve means lots of photos, plenty of glitters and a ton of content sharing. This makes it the perfect time to add an AR filter to the mix to add more fun to the celebration! Let your fans show off their New Year-ready attire with a branded AR filter, and encourage UGC across your social channels. Say yes to brand awareness!


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