Monthly Marketing Inspiration: Engagement Ideas for August

August is the last hurrah when it comes to summer fun. Everyone is holding on to these sunny memories and taking every chance to have a good time before the sun sets for good and fall is here. This means that fan energy and opportunities for engagement are still going strong!

International Beer Day

If there was ever a silly holiday bandwagon for marketers to jump on, it’s International Beer Day. Look no further than any Super Bowl commercial break to see why. As Anhesuer-Busch succinctly put it in their Super Bowl LV commercial “it’s never just about the beer, it’s about being together”. And we encourage you to rally your fans and get ‘em together through some fun, targeted campaigns! Beer ads almost always centre around humour, nostalgia, or friends, which are all great to lean into for fan engagement. Plus, the partner integration opportunities practically write themselves - especially for sports.

Digital Campaign: Spin to Win

Sometimes it’s nice to save the skill-testing campaigns for another day and just give fans the ol’ luck of the draw. Let the wheel turn out some prizes for fans, get amazing integration for your partners, and first-party information for you. Win-win-win.

Digital Campaign: Photo Frame

This is a great campaign that you can do with or without partners that still establishes you as a fun, accessible brand. We love photo frame campaigns because fans get to show some of their own personality and you get awesome organic content. If you get it right and give the frames enough “sizzle”, fans will be hard-pressed to not share and shout you out on their own networks which saves you some leg work. We’ll cheers to that.

Digital Campaign: AR filter

Three words: Virtual beer goggles. AR filters are one of our favourite campaigns for silly holidays like this because they are pure fun and games. We all dig those ridiculous filters that we can show off on socials, and fans will love a quirky one-day filter as they celebrate international beer day. Fans get a fresh "face-lift" and you can amplify awareness of your relationship with sponsors.

Coke Zero Sugar 400 @ Daytona International Speedway

So we all know by now that racing fans are a formidable force. Add on a finale race like this and you have a recipe for a “sweet-sweet” fan engagement opportunity so let’s make the most of it!

Digital Campaign: Survivor Quiz

Racing fans know their stuff. Put it to the test with a high-stakes survivor quiz testing everything from previous 400 winners, to who sponsors who? With drivers’ playoff spots on the line, the competitive energy is going to be high for everybody, and this gives fans a chance to have a little competition of their own. This high-stakes quiz will have fans seeking your brand out for a redemption quiz at every race!

Digital Campaign: Tug of War

Could there be a more seamless campaign for a Daytona race? Claiming victory here comes down to fractions of seconds between two (or potentially more) drivers. Fans have their top contenders laid out from the get-go. And, because this is a regular-season finale it is going to be especially intense. This Tug of War basically replicates what unfolds on the track and lets fans feel like they have more of a stake in the game. Plus when they win, victory will be so sweet and they won’t be able to resist sharing on their own socials.

Digital Campaign: Instant Win

Racing basically wrote the manual on partner integration. Everywhere you look there's a logo. Instant win is a great opportunity to get your brand or a partner in front of fans with some awesome prizing because, as we know, everyone wants to win something this weekend. Giving fans a low-stakes opportunity to win something keeps you in their good books and leaves them with a positive interaction that they will always associate with this event.

NCAA Football “Week Zero”

It’s baaaaack! Hundreds of thousands of college football fans are tapped in for this especially after such a long hiatus. Being back in the stands is only going to drive that energy through the roof making fan engagement easy as pie. And, with the new “name, image. likeness (NIL)” policy changes, there’s almost certainly going to be some creative player engagements & promotions across the board. You want to be part of this week.

Digital Campaign: Memory Game

Test how well your fans really know their star players from a quick glance at a photo. We love this game during events because it's great to keep fans totally tuned in when there’s a break in play or some time in between the next game. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity for a live-digital campaign hybrid. Choose one fan to feature on your screens, and challenge the stadium to beat their time. Feel free to get extra silly with it and make the photos something other than pro headshots. Got some iconic mascots in the league? Or maybe there are some photo-worthy touchdown dances players are known for. When their eyes aren’t on the field, keep them thinking about football and eyes on your brand.

Digital Campaign: Trivia

There is a lot of tradition in college football and some fans really form a sense of family around their teams. Put their knowledge to the test with some skill-testing trivia that taps into major legacies and new winners alike. When pride is on the line, you’re sure to get some good engagement.

Digital Campaign : Wager

The NFL might be what some consider "the big leagues" but NCAA college football is seriously high-stakes football. There is a lot on the line every game for players, teams, and of course the fans. With such a short but fast-paced season, emotions run high, making it a prime time for "friendly" bets. Make it official with a wager campaign where fans can select their winner and make their way up the leaderboard. This is a campaign they can't resist coming back to!

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