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Get your fans to take notice immediately

2021 marks a distinct digital advertising juncture - mobile-first dominates the way fans interact with brands, but data regulations and privacy requirements are becoming more restrictive. The solution? Diversifying your communication channels without overloading your team.

Say hello to SMS Planner, a convenient way to build and schedule SMS campaigns using Tradable Bits’ hyper-targeted audience segments. With an average open rate of over 98%, there’s no doubt that SMS is a highly visible and accessible means of communication with your fans. More, importantly, SMS defines “direct-to-fan marketing” which is the need of the hour as more fans opt-out of targeting. However, the challenge for marketers today is not what new mediums should I employ but how & with what resources.

Make it easy for your team to build & execute targeted SMS campaigns

The theme for most organizations in 2021 is to “do twice as much, with half the resources.”

As we move into recovery mode, the skeleton teams that have been holding us all together need a moment to breathe. More importantly, marketing teams need time to strategize & adapt to this new landscape. The SMS Planner is built directly into the Tradable Bits ecosystem exactly for this purpose. Instead of managing 10 different systems to collect, filter, target and activate your fan data, your organization can do it all within Tradable Bits. All of your fan data - historical, purchasing, social data & first-party insights - can be analyzed and segmented into desirable audiences. When your team is ready to build and launch your SMS campaigns, they can target your most valuable fans using these audiences with a click of a button.

The SMS Planner also gives you the ability to schedule ahead, so you can “set it and forget it” for campaigns around your major milestones. Lean on the Tradable Bits Marketing Engine to do most of the “execution” work, so that you can focus on the human elements that drive companies forward - strategy.

Customize with Media Rich Entries

Show, don’t tell! With media-rich entries, not only can you reach your fans directly, but you can delight and capture their attention. Shower your fans with images and Gifs in addition to your fantastic promotional copy, build your brand identity and increase your conversions.

Track Purchase Conversions and Increase Your Addressable Audience

What’s the difference between a good campaign and a great campaign? Measurement and understanding. On the SMS planner, you can track open rates, click rates, and purchases to see the performance of each of your campaigns. With the Tradable Bits engine behind your campaigns, you can de-anonymize your purchasing fans to better understand who they are and what drives them. Perhaps you find that a new segment of fans is showing an increased interest in your brand this year - now that you know them, you build a strategy to nudge them even further along your funnel.

Build a fundamentally new way for your organization to operate

Tradable Bits’ marketing platform makes it simple to collect, centralize and activate your fan data. SMS Planner is the most efficient way for your teams to tap into your audiences with direct messaging. As more marketers jump on SMS in 2022, set your team up for success with an SMS Planner that works off the back of a powerful marketing engine.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk SMS! Get in touch with our team today.


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