Monthly Marketing Inspiration: Engagement Ideas for February

With January officially coming to a close, it may seem like the holiday season has ended and the time for festive activations is over. Not at all! February presents a month full of opportunities for brands to engage with fans around smaller festivities. From Chinese New Year to the Super Bowl, February is a short month full of highly emotional events and is a great time to invite your fans into your digital ecosystem.

We’ve created a list of digital campaign activations to hit the sweet spot for fans as we all crave a little more ‘connection’ this month. Grow your fan base, uncover preferences and prepare delightfully engaging moments for your fans to participate in.

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday - where the fiercest competition lies not only on the field but between companies vying for the attention of one of the largest TV audiences of the year. In fact, the competition extends far beyond the TV screen, with ambitious digital campaigns launched to reach the millions of people glued to their second-screen during the experience. This year, the ‘second-screen’ is likely to play a larger role in the fan’s experience of the game. With a limited number of in-person attendees, stalwarts in advertising taking a hiatus, and pent-up energy from fans, the field is set for fan-centric digital engagements to reign supreme.

Campaign Idea : Predictive Quizzes

Kansas City Chiefs vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who will win? Which team will score the first touchdown? Who will win MVP? Let your fans weigh in on the action thanks to predictive quizzes. Partner with your sponsors to offer prizes for those who end up answering all the questions correctly after the game and our back-end will take care of the audit trail to determine winners.

Campaign Idea: Live Trivia

Fans are here for the competition, so heat it up. Instead of your traditional “enter to win” sweepstakes, immerse your fans in the entire experience. Enhance your live broadcast with interactive quiz overlays to deepen engagement with fans. You control the flow of questions, whether you want to relate it to the ongoing game or put your own spin on it with brand-specific content.

Sweeten the deal for fans by going ‘survivor mode’ so that only those who answer correctly can keep going, with a prize available for fans at the end! Collect valuable data based on your need with custom fields, and provide fans with an unforgettable experience.

Campaign Idea: Meme Generator

Take yourself back to 2015. You see beach balls, palm trees, and … left shark ‘dancing’ its way to meme stardom beside Katy Perry. If nothing else, the Super Bowl is full of meme-able moments, and we live for it every year. It’s likely that your creative teams will already be in on the action, so why not invite your fans into your favourite moments with a meme generator? Simply pair down your favourite photos from the day, brand them (if you’d like) and let fans customize with their own thoughtful or hilarious captions. Let your fans have some fun with your brand, encourage some great UGC and then curate a Tradable Bits UGC Stream gallery for all to enjoy!

Meme Generator

Campaign Idea: Tug of War

The tensions are never higher and the rivalries never run deeper than on gameday. The Super Bowl brings out the fiery competition in us all, and offers an excellent opportunity to leverage rivalries to drive fan engagement. With a low barrier to entry and high participation results, a simple Tug of War campaign is a sure way to stoke team fanaticism in the hours leading up to the game. Not only is it great to see fans rallying behind their teams, but using the Tradable Bits’ FanCRM and intelligent audiences, you can leverage fan affinities to drive more conversions at a lower cost.

Chinese New Year

It’s almost time to transition to the year of the Ox. As one of the largest holidays of the year, Chinese New Year is a time for families to come together to celebrate, bring good fortune, eat, and honour their ancestors. And for all involved, it can sometimes be a stressful ordeal to prepare for the New Year! Therefore, as a brand, anything you do that can make the holiday easier, or more joyous will be greatly appreciated by your fans. So if you embark on some digital campaigns for Spring Festival this year, keep the following in mind: provide valuable content, and uphold the values & traditions of the holiday!

Campaign Idea: Photo Contest

The New Year is about the connection with family, so share these values far and wide with a photo contest campaign! Play into one of the biggest trends of the year with a contest that asks families to recreate old photos, while encouraging families to take nostalgic trips back in time. Not only is it a great way to bring families together, but it will encourage sharing across socials. In the end, you can reward a few ‘winning’ families with a prize of your choice.

Campaign Idea: Spin to Win

Chinese New Year is also a time for gift-giving. Offer your fans a chance to win some amazing gift-packages to really surprise their loved ones. Whether they are spinning for a chance to win that coveted Jersey or signed album, or just a simple piece of merchandise from a team they know their parents love - you’re sure to excite fans with the opportunity to win some amazing prizes. This Spin-to-Win campaign will encourage many entries, and in turn, plenty of fan-data and new leads to add to your Tradable Bits FanCRM data ecosystem.


Valentine's Day

Oh, Valentine's Day! A day of love, heart-shaped everything, and expectations. While it is certainly a day of joy for many, it comes with certain stressors that can make it a difficult holiday to deal with. Equip your fans with valuable content for this day through curated digital campaigns, to make it easier to manage the day.

Campaign Idea: Personalized Playlist

Nothing says affection quite like a mixtape made specifically for you. Or a specially-made Spotify playlist. Make it easy for fans to create the perfect ‘serenade' for their partner by promoting a personalized playlist campaign. Fans can connect their Spotify, swipe through a list of your artists to curate their playlists, and then save this playlist with your pre-specified name straight into their Spotify App. Not only will you collect powerful artist affinity data, but you can start segmenting your audience based on artists. All in the name of love!

Campaign Idea: e-Card

There’s nothing quite like a cheeky Valentine’s day card, especially if it comes from one of your favourite sports teams or artists. Share the love across your socials this Valentine’s day, with an interactive, branded e-Card. Fans can customize their cards with stickers, text and images, and then pass the card on to their loved ones. Whether you decide on a funny Valentine’s day gram featuring your Mascots or opt for a more sincere card and message, your fans are sure to be delighted!

Valentine's Day Ecard

Digital campaigns offer great ways to interact with your fanbase while collecting strategic fan data, and better yet - we’ve built our digital campaigns with your team in mind so it takes you less time and resources to put campaigns in motion.

Feeling inspired? Brainstorm what’s possible with our team today!


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