How Peach Pit Engaged Fans and Increased Revenue Through Live Streaming

Learn how Peach Pit, Watchdog Management and Live Nation Canada partnered to engage fans virtually using FanXP

Live stream Audience Retention, Merchandise conversion at 50% through Tradable Bits FanXP

When live music events came to a screeching halt in 2020, bands and artists everywhere needed to come up with new ways to engage their fans digitally, while earning revenue in the process. Canadian Band Peach Pit and Watchdog Management partnered with Live Nation Canada and Tradable Bits to come up with a way for the band to do what they do best; perform a live show for their fans through a new interactive live-streaming technology called FanXP

Peach Pit Interactive Broadcast through FanXP

As part of Live Nation Canada’s ‘Live from Inside’ series, Peach Pit planned two livestream experiences for their fans in both North American and European timezones. These shows were gated and required fans to purchase tickets in order to access the livestream. Paying fans received invites to the platform where they were treated to a full 1-hour private show with multiple camera angles to choose from, and the chance to connect with other fans from all over the world using a global chat room functionality.

How they did it

Combining a robust promotion strategy along with creating exclusive fan experiences and announcements, Peach Pit used this opportunity to engage fans while ensuring that a reliable revenue stream was in place.

Social Promo Strategy

Combining both an organic and paid social strategy, Peach Pit leveraged their own social channels as well as the channels of Live Nation Canada and the Commodore Ballroom to reach as many music fans as possible about their upcoming show. They polled fans in lead up to the show to vote on what songs they wanted to hear on their setlist, as well as sent targeted ads to past ticket buyers and other relevant audiences. By leveraging Tradable Bit’s Automated Ads tools, they were able to exclude new ticket buyers as purchases came through from the Universe ticketing integration to ensure ads were only shown to fans who hadn’t yet purchased, thus improving their ROI on ad spend.

Dynamic Advertising and retargeting with Tradable Bits automated Ads tools

Creating Exclusive Merch for Livestream Attendees

Many of Peach Pit’s fans already love the opportunity to take home exclusive merch from their live shows, so the band decided to create both a limited edition poster for the show, as well as a new t-shirt design for fans to purchase from their online store. During the livestream, various images appeared to fans throughout the show with a call to action to take home this exclusive merch. Each link had a tracker on it so that the band could report on how many clicks and purchases took place from the livestream.

Peach Pit Live stream Merchandise Conversions

Using the Livestream Experience to Announce Important Milestones

With an upcoming album dropping and a new tour announcement, Peach Pit used this livestream opportunity to let their fans know what was coming up, and CTAs for fans to click to learn more. Each pop-up image had a link associated with it which would allow them to keep track of how many fans not only clicked but eventually purchased or took action like pre-saving their album on Spotify or Apple Music.

Pre-save albums with in-stream CTAs through Tradable Bits FanXP

The Results

Unlike many public livestream services on social, the audience retention for this particular show stayed at an astounding 98%, meaning that nearly all the fans who purchased a ticket and logged in to watch the show, stayed for the entire duration. This was due to both having a paid ticket entry, as well as an experience to keep fans engaged throughout the entire experience. Fans tuned in from all over the world including Australia, the UK, America, and Canada; creating a whole new type of experience that a band wouldn’t normally get when performing a live local show.

Sarah Fenton WatchDog Management quotes value of FanXP

With so many fans engaged during the show, it’s no surprise that over 50% of the fans tuning in also bought merch from their online store and checked out their upcoming tour dates on their website. They also increased traffic on Spotify and Apple Music in the process.

As venues continue to remain closed or open with limited capacity, it’s clear that livestreaming is here to stay as we head into 2021. If you’re looking to engage your fans with a gated livestream experience, talk to our team today to start brainstorming some ideas.


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