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12 Days of Holiday Campaigns for Music Lovers

It's that time of year again! After a long year, the holiday season has finally rolled around. Get into the holiday spirit with these 12 campaigns and contests to engage your music fans and stay on top of their minds.

Read on for 12 days of fun holiday campaign ideas that you can use to spread some cheer to your fans this season.

1) What’s Your Christmas Personality Type?

Personality Quiz - What's your Christmas Personality Type?

Ask your fans a series of questions to find out which popular Christmas movie main character matches their personality. Mix in unique movies with well-known ones to make things more interesting and avoid generic suggestions. Personality quizzes earn a ton of organic reach, so take advantage by linking back to your ticketing or merch page.

2) Christmas Carol Memory Match

Memory Game - Christmas Carol Memory Match

Have your fans race to match artists from your festival lineup or artists within a band with our classic memory game campaign. It will not only test their memories but also give you a quick and easy way to activate partnerships through co-branded cards.

3) Ugliest Sweater of The Season

Photo Contest - Ugliest Sweater of The Season

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to capture UGC. Get your fans to upload a picture of themselves wearing their ugliest holiday sweater and then prompt them to vote on their favorites. Incentivize with some free merch or exclusive deals to help drive engagement.

4) Holiday Tunes Test

Quiz - Holiday Tunes Test

Challenge your fans with a little holiday quiz. Write out some classic holiday lyrics and ask your fans to guess which song they're from. If you use lyrics from older and newer songs in different styles, you can get a sense of what style of music your fans listen to by seeing which questions they answer correctly.

5) Seasons Greetings Express

Holiday Card - Season's Greetings Express

Customized e-cards featuring a note from your artists are a great bonus for those die-hard fans. This is a simple way to show fans your appreciation this holiday season with an exclusive bonus. 

6) Snowy Selfie

Photo Frame - Snowy Selfie

A branded photo frame is always a fun way to get fans engaging organically. This is another great opportunity to capture UGC!

7) Holiday Anthems

Personalized Playlist - Holiday Anthems

Offer fans an exclusive playlist that connects directly to their music streaming service. Mix in some classics and some of your artist’s songs for a tailored playlist.

8) Cult Classic Clash

Tug of War - Cult Classic Clash

There are two types of people during the holidays. Those who binge Die Hard and those who binge Home Alone. Those who like eggnog and those who don’t. A bunch of holiday dilemmas exist for you to leverage and engage your fans. 

9) Dear Santa Concert

Dream Lineup - Dear Santa Concert

Let your fans choose their dream holiday concert. Throw in popular artists along with artists from your label to uncover artist affinity you may not have seen before. 

10) Tacky Threads

Sweater Generator - Tacky Threads

If your fans don't own an ugly sweater to use for the ugly sweater contest, let them make their own. Add in branded elements to spice up the designs.

11) Winter Wheel of Wins

Spin to Win - Winter Wheel of Wins

Who doesn’t like presents? Especially during the holiday season. Do a branded spin to win giveaway to reward your loyal fans this season. An opportunity to move that slow-moving inventory and give back to your fans.

12) Days of Christmas

Bundle - Advent Calender

For a sustained holiday engagement, take all of these campaigns and turn them into a 12 Days of Holiday contest! Set up each campaign to run for 24 hours and let fans enter daily to receive 12 different prizes. It’s a bit more legwork, but it pays off on the fan engagement and data collection side.

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