12 Days of Holiday Campaigns for Sports Fans

And just like that, the holiday season is here! And so is the end of the year. But before we tie up the year, tap into that last bit of holiday spirit to delight your fans as they rest and recover. With that in mind, Here’s our list of “12 Days of Holiday Campaigns” for sports fans:

1) "Seasons Greetings"

Campaign Type: Holiday Card

What’s a holiday without a kitschy, wholesome, or altogether bizarre “holiday greetings” card? Opt for an interactive digital greetings card this holiday season, and delight your fans with a fun moment from their favourite team. The best thing about this campaign? You can send dedicated cards to specific subsets of fans, and it’s gated content. Perhaps you can send an exclusive holiday gif with a thoughtful message to only your Gold Members, while sending a simpler and more generic “holiday team photo” to your wider fan network.

2) Advent Calendar

Campaign Type: Bundle

Really want to wow your fans with content? Take all of these campaigns and turn them into a 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways contest! Set up each campaign to run for 24 hours and let fans enter daily for 12 days to receive 12 different prizes. You'll receive so much fan data that you won't need to ask for any other present this holiday season!

3)"Which Type of Holiday Sports Fan are You?"

Campaign Type: Personality Quiz

Ask your fans to complete a quiz to determine which type of holiday sports fan they are. Do they keep in touch with their team community on Discord? Do they watch the game during family get-togethers? If they had to choose a player’s Jersey to wear, whose would it be? Use this quiz to not only increase organic reach but to segment fans for your future ads strategy

4) Match the Team Players

Campaign Type: Memory Game

Who can match the cards the fastest? Get your fans to match the festive player photos with our classic memory game campaign. This family-friendly game is not only a nostalgic addition to the holidays, but is a great opportunity to include partner branding! Spice up the game with some co-branded cards, and an opportunity to win big if they place in the top 10.

5) How Well Do You Know the Team?

Campaign Type: Survivor Quiz

Instill that competitive spirit this holiday season to wrap up the year. With an electrifying survivor quiz campaign, pit your fans against each other as they show off their team knowledge. A high-stakes quiz is perfect for driving engagement while capturing valuable fan data to understand & grow your audience.

6)“The All-time Best Present”

Campaign Type: Tug of War

Get your fan’s input and let them battle out what the ultimate present is for die-hard sports fans. Which experience wins out - the chance to watch and engage with a coaching session, or the chance to have lunch with their favorite player? You can use your results to help you determine fans’ preferences and segment them accordingly. Then, for your fan engagement strategy next year, you know what prizes will most effectively spur your fans to action! After all, experiences are the best way to a fan’s heart.

7) “Favorite Play of the Year”

Campaign Type: Bracket

The holiday season is a great time to bring back the greatest moments of the season and wrap up the year! Put your fan-favorite moments head-to-head and encourage fans to vote between their favorites using our bracket campaign. Drive fan engagement and keep them involved while you gain some first-party data that will set you up for the next season.

8) Win Merch from Your Favourite Team

Campaign Type: Spin to Win

Receiving Merch from their favorite team is the perfect present for any fan, so why not give some away? Put multiple items from your shop up for grabs on your wheel to give fans the chance to win some for themselves. This is a great way to give back to fans, clear out inventory and advertise your merch line.

9) Spread the Christmas Cheer

Campaign Type: Donate

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to give back? Set up a donation campaign to show your fans that your brand cares while giving fans the opportunity to spread the Christmas cheer through your brand. Our pro-tip? Keep it local. The holidays can be a hard time of year for many families, so see how you can give back to your community. That’s a Win-Win

10) Most Memorable Fan Moment

Campaign Type: Video Contest

Ask your fans to put together a video of their favorite fan moment and offer a prize for the winner. Fans can reflect back on the season at the end of the year, and get excited for the next one. It will also give you great content to use for the future!

11) “Ideal Team Wishlist”

Campaign Type: Dream Team

Allow your fans to fantasize about their dream team coming to life this holiday season with our Dream Team campaign. Let them choose their dream starting lineup from current and past players. This campaign is a great one to run leading up a big game, or season start.

12) Festive Fan Selfie Contest

Campaign Type: Photo Contest

Challenge your fans to take photos of themselves with your team jersey in a festive holiday selfie, whether that be hitting the slopes, at the dinner table, or right by the Christmas tree. Celebrate the holiday season while gathering user-generated content from your fans.

Launch your contest today! Contact us to start now. Or sign up for our monthly newsletter for more inspiration below!


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