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The 2023 Tradable Bits Fan Engagement Recap

They say you shouldn't live in the past. But they also say to celebrate your wins. And 2023 was full of them! So, with 2024 underway, we wanted to take a look back at what an incredible year it was for fan engagement. To do so we dug into the Tradable Bits platform to get a bird's eye view of just how engaged fans were this year across sports, music and entertainment. 

These stats speak not only to the golden era of fan engagement we are living in, but also to our incredible partners that continue to push the boundaries of it day in and day out.   

So, have a look for yourself!

TB Wrapped Square Cover Condensed
TB Wrapped Square2
TB Wrapped Square3
TB Wrapped Square4
TB Wrapped Square5
TB Wrapped Square6
TB Wrapped Square7
TB Wrapped Square8
TB Wrapped Square9
TB Wrapped Square10
TB Wrapped Square11
TB Wrapped Square12


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